Year 12 Senior Leaders 2024

College Captain - Lachlan Kelly

For me, this institution holds a very special place in my heart, as I have been privileged to experience the A.B. Paterson College difference from my formative years in the Early Learning Centre. 

My vision for 2024 revolves around transforming A.B. Paterson College, by further enhancing the opportunities for our students to engage actively and enthusiastically in our inner and outer community. I aim to prioritise the wellbeing of our students by promoting a supportive and compassionate environment that allows a cohesive and joint connection between secondary and junior grades. My goal is to imbue the student community with the importance of courage in navigating life and creating an environment where students feel empowered to venture beyond their comfort zones. This involves fostering personal growth, unlocking fresh opportunities, and creating lasting memories for everyone. I particularly value the presence of student leaders in all of College life and I aim to spark the leadership potential that resides in all students. 

This year promises to be filled with exciting opportunities, meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences. I look forward to leading this community in 2024 and cannot wait to add to an already timeless legacy at A.B. Paterson College.

College Vice-Captain - Chloe Ward

My name is Chloe Ward, and I am so honoured to be the 2024 College Vice-Captain. 

At the core of my 2024 vision, is the passion to ensure that A.B. Paterson College is a place where each student feels valued and inspired to reach their full potential. My commitment to bringing out the inner leader within all students at our college stems from the belief that leadership is not limited to a few individuals, but a collective effort that strengthens our entire community. 

In 2024, I aim to leverage the personal growth and leadership potential that A.B. Paterson College has nurtured within me, to inspire all students to embark on a path of introspection that untaps their own leadership potential. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I cannot wait to see all that we achieve and learn together throughout 2024! Thank you!

House Captain Dennis - Bridget Rosenboom

Hi - My name is Bridget Rosenboom and I am so excited to be Dennis House Captain for 2024. 

When I’m not at school or working, I love to play and coach Netball and highly value the connections I make with younger students through this. Along with my Co-Captain, Jahn Komorowski, we will strive to enhance the welcoming, spirited and positive atmosphere already present within Dennis house. Our main goal for this year is to involve younger grades in our House Spirit and lead our house to victory.

I am very excited to be your Dennis House Captain for this year!

House Captain Dennis - Jahn Komorowski

My name is Jahn Komorowski, and I am excited to be your Dennis House Captain for 2024. 

I am committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment and I am enthusiastic about the journey ahead. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming wherever I can, water polo, and basketball. I started at A.B. Paterson College in Year 7 after moving from New Zealand and have been a proud student ever since. A.B. has given me many opportunities to grow as an individual and form close bonds with my cohort. 

I look forward to making this year fun for all students by providing many opportunities to grow and develop as I did with past seniors.

House Captain Lawson - Jonas Longhurst

My name is Jonas Longhurst, and I am excited to be one of your Lawson House Captains for 2024. 

I love participating in a variety of sports at the College including swimming, running, water polo and triathlon. Since starting at A.B. in 2012, I have loved being a part of the incredible community the College has to offer. This year, I will strive to uphold the legacies of the those who have come before me by motivating and supporting all Lawson House members in their endeavours. 

My goal is to form a tight-knit community across all year levels to create a supportive and inspired community where all members can achieve their dreams. I would love to hear all your ideas to make this year incredible, so if you see me around campus, come say ‘hi’. I am looking forward to seeing all the great things Lawson House can achieve in 2024.

House Captain Lawson - Jessica Harrison

My name is Jessica Harrison, proudly serving as one of the Lawson House Captains for the year 2024. Having been a part of this College since my early days in Prep back in 2012, I have personally experienced the transformative power of positive change within a community. 

This year, as I take on the responsibility of enhancing A.B.'s school spirit and house participation, my focus is on fostering an atmosphere where every student in Lawson House feels not just supported, but truly encouraged to embrace their authentic selves. 

In my role as House Captain this year, I want to ensure that the positive environment within Lawson House continues to flourish as every student feel exhilarated to be a Lawson Devil.

House Captain Mackellar - Zoe Clacher

Hi! My name is Zoe, and I am Mackellar's House Captain for 2024. 

My passions include playing sports as well as organising fun activities and events for younger students. My role as house captain has allowed me to use these interests when organising house carnivals, fundraisers, and fun homeroom games. 

My goal for this year is to create as much fun as possible through these events, spreading enthusiasm, and developing relationships between grades throughout the house.

House Captain Mackellar - Zinan Mustafiz

My name is Zinan Mustafiz and as one of the Mackellar House Co-captains for 2024, I intend to uphold and strengthen the longstanding culture of leadership, respect and care, already fostered in our A.B. Paterson College community, to the best of my abilities.

I look forward to bringing my own unique perspective, ambitions and tenacity to Mackellar house, to the College and to the wider community. 

My goal for 2024, is for our senior cohort to impart a positive and long-lasting impact on the college culture; inspiring, uplifting and supporting our peers, classmates and future leaders to dream more, do more and become more.

House Captain Wright - Georgia Coward

My name is Georgia Coward and I am honoured to serve as one of your Wright House Captains in 2024. A.B. Paterson College has been my home since 2016, and I have witnessed the profound impact of inspiring leaders. I am excited to continue this legacy, leading the current A.B. community. A.B. is more than a college; it's a place where every student has the rare chance to achieve excellence—a privilege I am truly grateful for. With my experience in competitive sports, leading my House through annual events has been a long dream of mine, finally able to be fulfilled in my senior year. Fostering a sense of family within Wright House is something I hold close to my heart, as it has inspired and assisted my growth since my beginnings at this school. I am eager to contribute to A.B.'s legacy, making 2024 a year of excellence.

House Captain Wright - Sophie Chapman

Hello, my name is Sophie Chapman, and I am honoured to be one of the Wright House Captains for 2024. As an active member of the A.B. Paterson College community since Prep in 2012, I am dedicated to both my academics and co-curricular’s where I love spending my time playing and coaching netball. The lasting relationships I have built through these endeavours have empowered me to become a positive role model. My vision for Wright House involves building upon the strong sense of spirit we already strive to create while creating opportunities for younger students to contribute to the success of our house. I am so excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to lead Wright House to victory!

College Leader - Sport - Sophie Kanaghines

Hello! My name is Sophie Kanaghines, and I am thrilled to be the College Sports Leader for 2024. 

If I am not playing sport, I enjoy taking all opportunities A.B. has given me - whether it be the incredible friendships, amazing teachers, or the connections amongst students. One thing our school prides itself on is our Brumby Culture which is the core value to A.B.’s sports program. 

With my Co-Captain, Marley Mosenki, our vision is to build a strong culture and continue connections between students with pride when wearing the Brumbies logo. I wholeheartedly believe in the fact that everyone may not have a natural love of sport but using it as a vehicle to bring people together is something special for everyone. I am very excited to be your Sports Leader for 2024!

College Leader - Sport - Marley Mosenki

Hello! My name is Marley Mosenki, and I am excited to be the College Sports Leader for 2024. 

To me, sport is extremely valuable and helps teach students many important lessons, and I am thrilled to have a part in helping students reach their athletic goals and learn these lessons alongside my Co-Captain, Sophie Kanaghines, throughout the year of 2024. 

We cannot wait and are very excited to showcase the Brumby Spirit this year!

College Leader - Spirit and Community - James Wang

Hi, I’m James - 2024 Spirit & Community Captain! 

It is a wonderful role if I do say so myself because I have the privilege to launch ideas and initiatives to impact many students and encourage a sense of community. I now understand that not everything has to be big ideas and powerful speeches, as I genuinely believe the best part about being Spirit & Community Captain is spreading positivity to everyone on an everyday basis and I love to see everyone motivated, excited, and prepared to face any challenge. 

I know anyone can be a good leader if they care for their peers, and everyone has an incredible spirit and energy inside them – it’s all about awakening that lion inside of us!

College Leader - Arts and Societies - Cherry Ge

Hello! My name is Cherry Ge, and I am the Arts & Societies Captain for 2024. Since 2013, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the wonderful A.B. Paterson College community. 

I have a strong interest in many different College activities, such as debating, public speaking, choirs, and college musicals. The College has provided me with a plethora of amazing opportunities to continue to develop my leadership skills; one of the most important lessons I have learned is that leading with initiative means leading with others rather than just leading others. 

Over the last 11 years, I have been nurtured by the guidance of incredible role models, and it is my hope to be able to instil these values of compassion and empathy in the community that became the core of who I am today.

College Leader - Interact Secondary School - Tori Adamson

Hello, my name is Tori Adamson, and I am honoured to serve as your Interact Captain Secondary School for 2024. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Interact Club, our aim is to strengthen our community as well as to present students with the opportunity to organise and lead their peers. I have a passion for learning and connecting with others and this is why I love Interact as it gives myself the opportunity to forge friendships throughout the College. I am committed about forging a strong connection between our College and the wider community through our current Interact sponsor club of Rotary Coomera Valley and cannot wait to see this connection develop throughout my final year at the College. 

If Interact sounds like something you wish to be a part of yourself our meetings are held in P4 on a Thursday lunchtime!

College Leader - Interact Junior School - Isabelle Doo

As a Captain of Interact, I am so excited to foster a sense of community and harness the collective potential of every student to create meaningful change through events and activities. 

I have always been passionate about supporting and uniting our student body - as members of A.B. Paterson College, but also as a diverse group of individuals with unique interests and abilities. My philosophy is that every single student has a voice, and these voices must be heard in order to drive impact and adopt an environment based on principles of representation and compassion. 

I firmly believe that being a part of Interact means being part of something far bigger than yourself, and for that reason I am honoured to hold the office of Interact Captain for Junior School.

College Leader - Prep to Year 3 - Samuel Brookes

My Name is Samuel Brookes. I am very excited to be your 2024 Prep-3 Captain. 

With this position I plan to give back and further build and inspire the community which has shaped me as a person and a leader for nearly 16 years. I am involved in multiple sporting, performing arts, and co-curricular areas through the College. I wish to make the youngest students at the College feel excited and happy about their College experience, by making it as enjoyable and fun as possible, by introducing new events and further continuing and building upon memorable traditions. 

My style of leading allows for people to find their own way and supports their decision through guidance, allowing for self-growth and learning.

College Leader - Year 4 to Year 6 - Jacob Lahood

My name is Jacob Lahood. With the utmost enthusiasm, I am delighted to be your 2024 Year 4-6 Captain. 

With such a position, I aspire to give back to the College community which has served me so dearly. I believe that a good example has twice the value of good advice and as such, it is my sincere hope to foster palpable compassion and unity within our College and with it, set an excellent model that embodies the College's ethos for the youth of our community.

College Leader - Year 7 to Year 9 - Cate Ellwood

Hello! My Name is Cate Ellwood, and I am very excited to be your Year 7-9 Captain for 2024! 

Within this position, I aspire to be more than just a College Leader, I hope to be an inspiring mentor and advocate for all students in the College Community. With a fervent dedication to making each moment memorable, I am committed to fostering a sense of connection, compassion, and culture, not only inside the College Community, but also the wider community. The 11 years I have completed at the College have shaped who I am today and will no doubt shape who I am in the future as I carry on the legacy of past College Leaders. 

In my final year at the College, I want to encourage my peers to be a guiding force, ensuring that all ideas, voices, and aspirations are not only acknowledged, but also celebrated! Thank you!