Enrolment Process

Step 1. Enrolment Application

Upon receipt of a completed Application for Enrolment, the College will place the child's name on the corresponding waitlist for their nominated year of entry. A.B. Paterson College accepts students to enter the College at all year levels, pending availability and wait lists, with main intake years being Prep and Year 7. Lodging an application does not guarantee a position for your child at the College.

Applications are considered in order of date of application, so applying as early as possible will give the best opportunity for future placement.

Students entering Prep must have turned four by June 30 in the year prior to entry, and for entry to Year 1, students will have turned five by June 30 in the year prior.

Step 2. Enrolment Interview and Screening/Testing

For Years 1 – 12, enrolment testing and an interview with the Principal (or nominated delegate), are usually conducted in the twelve months prior to the desired year of entry into the College. This will vary depending upon year level, availability of places and your own personal circumstances. For all student interviews, the student should be accompanied by both parents, if possible.

For Prep enrolments, screening and interviews are conducted 18 months prior to entry.

Following interview and testing/screening, an offer of place may be made at the complete discretion of the Principal (or nominated delegate).

Step 3. Enrolment Offer and Acceptance

Should an offer of a place be made, parents must formally indicate acceptance within the set time frame by completing the Contract of Enrolment form and paying the non-refundable Acceptance Fee ($750 per student).  A non-refundable Foundation Levy ($150 per student) is also payable on acceptance of enrolment at the College.

Upon formal acceptance of an offer of a place, parents undertake to support the rules, regulations and programs of the College, as will be determined from time to time, and are responsible for the payment of all fees and charges.

The College observes its obligations under law in its Admissions Policy.  An offer of a place requires that the College is satisfied that the student has the ability to benefit from the College’s programs and that there is a reasonable gender balance at each year level.

Wait Lists

The College maintains a list of applications for families wishing to enter the College. Places are offered to those most likely to benefit from the College’s programs.

Only a complete and submitted application for enrolment will ensure that we consider your child for a place when an opportunity becomes available.

Allocation of places is determined generally by the following:

  • Siblings of current students (providing application is made eighteen months prior to date of entry, otherwise order of registration applies).