Secondary School

Welcome to the Secondary School

In the Secondary School, we provide a caring environment for our students to develop academically, socially and emotionally. Every student is challenged and supported in their development as young men and women of character, leaders now and in the future.

Students start each school day in their Tutor Group, which is organised on a vertical age level, encouraging students to interact with a range of age groups from Years 7 to 12. We find that this provides a highly positive way to start the school day and it creates a supportive learning environment. Students then attend their classes within their year level, with extension or support work provided as necessary. 

We offer an exciting and extensive range of meaningful educational experiences to students, and actively encourage them to get involved in the many facets of the co-curricular program of the College.

Our students continue to distinguish themselves with their high standards of work ethic, behaviour and manners across the spectrum. In a relatively short space of time, the Secondary School has developed a strong reputation for providing a caring, respectful and supportive learning culture.  It is recognised on a state, national and international scale, as a leading educational institution that consistently achieves exemplary academic and co-curricular results. The College motto of 'Excellence, Care and Commitment' is clearly evident in all aspects of College and is entrenched in its culture.

As young people develop into adolescence, their need for care and support from teachers does not diminish. Teachers endeavour to work closely with students and families to monitor students’ personal and academic growth.
I would like to offer you an open invitation to come and see our College for yourself - it really is the only way to truly understand the pastoral care and educational environment that we offer and the amazing opportunities open for your children to take part in.

To arrange a tour of our College campus in action, please telephone Mrs Karen Milburn on (07) 5594 7947, or email her at

We hope to welcome you soon!

Jacob Elms
Head of Secondary School