Leadership in Action - Junior School

Research shows that early experiences in life impact adult leadership potential, which is why leadership skill development is an ongoing focus in the Junior School of A.B. Paterson College. We believe all children have the potential to develop leadership qualities.

Skill development is nurtured through a variety of structured and unstructured opportunities at each year level. Early experiences are offered in less formal settings and progress through to more formal, targeted skill development as students reach Year 6. Students learn to become leaders informally through:

  • Classroom collaboration and teamwork activities
  • Participation in assembly items
  • Attendance and participation in academic, cultural and sporting activities

More formal leadership skill development opportunities are fostered through:

  • Participation in targeted, skill development in-class programs ‘Leadership, School and Beyond’
  • Attendance at skill development days and seminars
  • Participation in Buddy programs and mentoring of younger students
  • Participation in teamwork skills development activities
  • Participation in the leadership activity roster

In the Junior School, emphasis is placed on what leadership is, the behaviours and qualities of a leader, friendship, peers and leadership, and how to develop your role as a leader.

All students are encouraged to be leaders. Formal leadership positions are offered to students in Year 6 and are the culmination of the formal and informal experiences that have occurred throughout their time in the Junior School.