When most people think of scientists, they think of white coats, goggles and sterile laboratories.  Science teachers at A.B. Paterson College aim to redirect that stereotype and show students that Science is everywhere; scientists are all around us; and they are changing the world in so many ways.

Science at A.B. Paterson College is studied through a range of innovative, collaborative and exciting techniques.  Teachers work closely with individual students to help facilitate their learning in a manner that suits them best.  Students participate in many activities, including practical investigations, presentations and guest speakers, collaborative group work (both in class and across class groups), competitions, research investigations and online activities.  The use of various digital applications allows more scope for students to extend in their own personal areas of interest, and for them to work at a pace that best suits them.

Here at A.B. Paterson College, there is a recognition that careers in science are many and varied. Years 7 - 10 students participate in a general Science course which covers concepts across a range of scientific disciplines.  From the beginning of Year 10, students are able to better direct their learning by also choosing to study additional science with a combined chemistry and physics elective and a combined biology and psychology course offered.  In years 11 and 12, the subjects offered are Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology.  During Year 11 and Year 12, students are also able to access some university courses.  Success in these courses can allow students to gain credit for the relevant first year university Science subjects.

Learning is a process and, it is believed, most successfully achieved when experienced in conjunction with others.  At A.B. Paterson College, we value parent opinions and ask that they work closely with us to assist their child in achieving his/her own personal best.  Teachers work hard to develop strong relationships with both the students and their parents.  No one knows their child like a parent does and it is, therefore, vitally important that families are a major component of the educational partnership.

Science is everywhere, scientists are all around us.  Whether a child is aiming for a career in Science, or just loves to find out the inner workings of our world, at A.B. Paterson College they will be provided with every opportunity to achieve their goals, and have loads of fun doing it.