Individual Performance Sport

The College runs year-round programs for our Individual Performance Sports, consisting of Swimming, Cross Country & Athletics.

The College proudly boasts professional Head Coaches in these three sports, ensuring we give students the best opportunity to achieve their own personal goals.

The College uses Interhouse Carnivals or Age Championships to select our College team to represent us at the Associated Private Schools (APS) Championships.


The College’s Swimming program includes Interschool and Club opportunities. Students have the opportunity to represent the College at the APS Championships, which allows them to progress to higher representative honours.

The College also has a strong Swimming Club which targets key meets throughout the Swimming season. The Club also holds several Club Nights throughout the year to allow students to challenge their personal best times in a friendly and social environment.

Students entering our squad programs will need to be assessed by our Head Coach to ensure they are allocated to the squad that meets their needs.

Our Swimming program is led by our Head Coach, Liam Du Feu.

Cross Country

The Running Club carries a rich history at the College, created and led by our former Director of Activities, Mr Ian Taylor. The club has created an inclusive environment for our students to get fit, enjoy their running and challenge themselves to improve.

The Running Club acts as our training program for the Cross-Country season from early in Term 1 up until the end of Term 2. The program focuses on the improvement of students, rather than focusing on winning or outcomes.

Outside the APS program, the College targets events such as All Schools Cross Country, All Schools Cross Country Relays, and a number of fun runs around the Gold Coast. In 2022 the College took home three State Championships from the All Schools Cross Country relays event, an outstanding achievement for all involved.

The Running Club transitions into our Middle Distance program in Term 3 before recommencing in Term 4 for preseason.

Our Cross Country program is led by our Head Coach, Steve Jackson.


The Athletics program is designed to assist our students in building foundational athletic skills, whilst also progressing our high-performing athletes to State and National recognition.

The College has built up an impressive coaching team over the past few years to ensure students in all disciples have the opportunity to succeed. The program commences midway through Term 1, with some preseason sessions. The Athletics season is gains momentum in Terms 2 & 3 in the lead-up to the APS Championships.

Our Athletics program is led by our Head Coach, Matt Stopel