Old Collegians

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At A.B. Paterson College, we aim to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning, leadership and endless possibilities. Our graduates undertake further study at university, continue their vocational education courses, or begin careers that may see the conversion of their traineeship into apprenticeships or employment. Whatever path they choose, our graduates can look forward to making a positive contribution to their communities.

We also value our graduates as alumni of the College and members of the College community. Year 12s receive Graduate Membership of Old Collegians upon graduation and notification of relevant College functions.  On 17 May 2014, Old Collegians, the Alumni Association of the College, was officially launched.

Currently, Old Collegians events are held twice each year with an open invitation extended to all Old Collegians from all years. Members of the College Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are also always in attendance and look forward to seeing past students and reminiscing together about their school days.

The College is currently working on reconnecting with alumni through updating the database with current details. 'Like' our A.B. Paterson College Old Collegians Facebook page to stay informed of upcoming social events and to share your stories.  We invite you to add A.B. Paterson College to your LinkedIn profile and to contact us via email to update your details and stay connected at oldcollegians@abpat.qld.edu.au.

As well as visiting the College for events, past students return for other reasons. The College has been delighted to welcome back a number of Old Collegians as staff and coaches, where they continue to embed the ethos and values of the College for future generations, and continue to contribute to this special College Community.

Alistair Hughes
(Class of 2023)

Congratulations to Alistair Hughes for receiving the Distinguished Academic Achiever Award at the QCE Awards on Saturday, 17 February 2024.

This event recognises Queensland's top performing Year 12 students for their outstanding academic performance during their senior school studies. Out of over 54,000 graduates, only 45 students were recognised - a testament to Alistair's remarkable achievement.

A very proud moment for the College, for Alistair and also his family and fellow 2023 graduates who were in attendance to witness his outstanding success. Well done!

Helena Merten
Class of 2012

Old Collegian Helena Merten has achieved remarkable success, performing with Cirque du Soleil in their world-renowned Luzia show in Australia.

Helena has already travelled through parts of America, Europe and Asia with LUZIA, the first touring production to incorporate rain into acrobatic and artistic scenes. The Australian tour kicks off in Melbourne in March 2024 and moving on to Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

Congratulations, Helena! We are immensely proud of your achievements and cannot wait to see what wonders you bring to the world of entertainment next!

To view Helena's story CLICK HERE.

Mark Power
Class of 1994 

I am a consultant Interventional Radiologist at St George Hospital in Sydney.  After A.B. Paterson College, my journey started with a B. App. SC. (Medical Imaging Technology) at QUT in Brisbane.  I then completed my medical degree at the University of Sydney.  I completed my internship and residency in Newcastle, NSW, then completed my Radiology Speciality training at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. Following this, I completed a Fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology with the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  I commenced my current position in July 2012.

I am now a subspecialist Interventional Radiologist, with specific interest and experience in the field of Interventional Oncology.  I am one of only a handful of doctors in the country able to perform these procedures.  I perform highly specialised treatments for liver cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer. I have published many research papers in my chosen field, in internationally renowned medical journals. 

A.B. Paterson College gave me a sense of belonging, and the understanding that I was cared for and believed in. It instilled the confidence I possess in myself to this day, and provided me with many long-lasting friendships.

Professionally, it has allowed me to dream and think big.  My initial achievements at A.B. Paterson College paved the way for every career goal I have set for myself up to now.  The position I am in now would not have been possible, had it not been for those foundation career steps made available to me because of A.B. Paterson College.

The College’s OP1 Medal is named after Mark Power, who was the first student to achieve an OP1 in the College’s history.

Casey Wise
Class of 2010

After graduating A.B. Paterson College in 2010, I commenced a dual-degree of Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia campus. I was also accepted into on-campus accommodation within the University precinct at Emmanuel College. I am currently in my fourth year of study, having lived on campus for these past four years, and I am due to graduate at the end of 2015.  

During my first year of university, I also began work experience for Riviera Australia Pty Ltd at their Gold Coast manufacturing facility. I now balance part-time work for Riviera with my studies and enjoy being exposed to many different facets of the business.

Being employed for Riviera has afforded me the opportunity to gain exposure to many aspects of corporate business, both locally and overseas, within the luxury boating market specifically, but also the marine industry in general. From travelling to boat shows to being involved in the business’s day-to-day operations, I have developed a diverse range of skills that go hand-in-hand with my tertiary studies and I look forward to building upon these in my future career.

Having attended A.B. Paterson College from Prep to Year 12, I feel very much indebted to the College. For me, it was so important to make the most of my time there and, ultimately, to do what I could to give back to the College community that afforded me with so many wonderful opportunities.

On a personal level, A.B. Paterson College taught me to always strive for excellence, because if you are not investing your upmost passion and dedication into something, then it is really not worth your time, energy and talent. A.B. Paterson College also taught me that good things might come to those who wait, but they will always come to those who are committed and work tirelessly towards achieving their goals. 

Professionally, the main lesson that has stayed with me from A.B Paterson College is the importance of communication skills. The College taught me how to public speak, how to debate, and how to behave and engage in conversation in a professional manner. These are skills that have been invaluable to me both at university and in my career thus far.

I still keep in regular contact with many of my fellow Collegians in my personal life, and have a number of both immediate and extended family members who still attend A.B. Paterson College. 

Connor Hand
Class of 2014

After leaving A.B. Paterson College, I endured a hard three months of basic training followed by seven months of additional training in the Australian Army. The thing that I love about the defence force is the strong mateship between us; always pulling for each other through tough times and coming up with witty jokes at inappropriate times!

In my training, I finished as the second top graduating soldier, with our squad the highest performing unit within the graduating platoon. My first posting is at Enoggera where I am currently based attached to the Signals Corp transporting communications infrastructure and troops as a member of the transport corps, driving trucks.

I was invited to be part of the parade for the Joint Heads of Australia and New Zealand Defence Forces on the Thursday prior to Gallipoli commemorations and was also part of the Honour Guard at the War Memorial in Canberra.

I would like to thank my homeroom teacher, Peter Brookes, and many other teachers at A.B. Paterson College for helping me through school and especially for supporting me in organising my time efficiently.

Leiston Pickett
Class of 2009

I am a full time athlete, who works as a part time receptionist at Gold Coast Physiotherapy. I am also studying part time at Griffith University as an undergraduate in commerce, majoring in accounting.

I was selected to represent Australia at the London Olympics – and have won two gold medals in 50m breaststroke in the Delhi and Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Being a student at A.B. Paterson College meant having support and understanding with training and sporting commitments, so that I could pursue my dream. 

Leiston’s Representative Honours & Results:

Commonwealth Games
2014 Glasgow. Scotland – Gold: 50m breaststroke, 5th 100m breaststroke

Olympic Games
2012 London, England - 13th 100m breaststroke

World Championships
2011 Shanghai, China - 4th 50m breaststroke, 10th 100m breaststroke

Commonwealth Games
2010 Delhi, India - Gold: 50m breaststroke

Pan Pacific Games
2010 Irvine, USA - Silver: 50m breast, 13th 100m breast

World Short Course
2010 Dubai, UAE - Silver: 50m breaststroke

Australian Youth Olympic Festival
2008 Sydney, Australia - Gold: 100m breaststroke, 4 x 100m medley

Jevan Hayward
Class of 2007

My journey since graduation from the College.

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at Bond University on a Collegiate scholarship awarded during Year 12. After university, I was hired into a public policy role at the Federal Treasury in Canberra to advise the federal government on economic decisions. I joined Barclays in Sydney after a few years in an interest rates trading role, and currently run their Australian dollar foreign exchange forwards business from Singapore.

In what way did A.B. Paterson College support this journey?

The knowledge base, problem solving and communication skills built while at the College were instrumental in being able to soak up information at University and then translate it into the real world.

A vivid memory of an aspect of your time at the College that has stayed with you?

As part of the physics curriculum, our small class were investigating the properties of rocket flight. This involved planning and building different rockets for launch, which we conducted in the Gold Coast hinterland. A very fun and informative experience that helped build friendships to last a lifetime.

Personal Comment

Learning ‘how to learn’ is one of the most valuable life skills that school can provide. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, in the public speaking opportunities the College offers, helps build communication skills that support business and networking later in life.

Bianca Palmer
Class of 2013

My journey/pathway since graduating from the College

I am currently studying a dual degree, Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business, at Griffith University. When I’m not studying, I am volunteering as a mentor or facilitator for a leadership development company, ylead or co-running oopswespiltmilk.com, which is a blog that aims to empower youth through general skills and tips.

In what way did A.B.Paterson College support this journey?

I never considered studying Law until I was offered a trip to the U.S. for a Global Young Leaders Conference. It was there that initially I fell in love with diplomacy and foreign affairs.

A vivid memory of one aspect of your time at the College that has stayed with you.

I often reminisce over the mornings we spent dancing with the Junior school during Year 12. The smiles and excitement that was written all over their faces once they heard the music made my day every single time.

Personal Comment

Grasp as many opportunities that the College provides you. The co-curricular activities that are available are like no other but, above all, enjoy your time at the College for you will forever look back on your time there. 

Annabel de Boer
Class of 2014

Career journey/pathway since graduation?

This past year I have been living and working in the UK at a Preparatory school. An average day for me over here consists of:  waking up the boarders, supervising breakfast, life guarding swimming lessons in the mornings, assisting in Maths and Art classes throughout the day, coaching my hockey team and running an afterschool activity in the afternoon, and then finally dinner and bedtime routines in the evenings. It is hard work, but doesn’t go unrewarded. This year I have travelled all over the world during the holidays, visiting 13 different countries throughout my time here. There is so much that the world can teach you, just from exploring it. Being here has not only pushed me out of my comfort zone, but taught me more about the world than I could have ever imagined. I do intend on furthering my education; I believe expanding your knowledge is one of the best things a person can do for themselves. I will be studying Primary Education at Queensland University and Technology.

In what way did A.B.Paterson College support this journey?

A.B. Paterson College taught me that I had to work hard for what I got, every result, every accomplishment; nothing was just handed to me. I believe that is the most important thing a young person needs to learn when they are in school, because hard work pays off. Without the supportive push from my teachers, I would never have been ready for what I faced this year. What you learn in school is not just relevant in an educational sense, it prepares you the best it can for the working world.

A vivid memory of on aspect of your time at the College that has stayed with you?

A memory that will forever come to mind when I think of the College is my final year. I loved the sense of power I felt when we were all working together, whether it was fundraising, sports carnivals, or just the silence sitting in the MPC finishing our final exam for the year. I knew from these experiences that I wanted to make a difference and that this could be accomplished by working hard in a team and individually.

Personal Comment

Since graduating school I feel like I have woken up; my mind has been opened to so many other opportunities and I believe this is exactly what A.B. Paterson College represents. People can get into the habit of being so focused on the finish line, that they forget why they even started running the race in the first place. Take advantage of everything that comes your way, you have no idea when you will get the chance again.