Mathematics in the Junior School at A.B. Paterson College is informed by the Australian Curriculum and underpinned by our Teaching for Understanding (TfU) framework, which promotes challenge, interest and enjoyment.  With uninterrupted blocks of focused learning time, the students participate in a variety of activities that foster critical thinking and problem-solving in real life contexts.  

Needs based groupings including an extension class in Years 4 - 6 are offered.  Differentiation in instruction according to the students’ readiness, learning profiles and interests is a key aspect of this program.  Student progress is closely tracked through ongoing assessment, an essential part of differentiation, as it not only gives information about where the students are at, but more importantly informs and drives the next step in teacher instruction.  Using this data, teachers are able to design mathematical activities that provide appropriate challenge according to student need.  These activities cater to the different learning styles in the classrooms, as they include a mix of hands-on, interactive, visual, auditory and written forms.