Academic Awards

During the last few years, we have worked hard to implement the new Australian Curriculum and to develop resources based around the Teaching for Understanding framework (TfU) that will deliver the knowledge, understanding and assessment required in an effective and engaging manner.

It remains important to the College that our pedagogy is founded in credible research and is adaptive to the needs of our students.  Research and studies have shown a positive correlation between the development of contemporary skills, and student aspiration and engagement in schools, and so we have continued to incorporate these skills into our planning.  Data demonstrates that in order to have a true impact on future work accessibility, developmental work on contemporary skills must be experienced by students frequently and consistently.  This has meant that over the last few years our curriculum has changed considerably in response to both the Australian Curriculum and the development of these essential skills, and will quite rightly continue to change as we prepare students for higher education and employment.

In order to celebrate the success that such an effective pedagogical approach brings to our students, twice each year we hold an Academic Awards Assembly.

Years 4 - 10

To calculate which students will receive these awards, grades are translated into points, with each subject weighted to reflect its proportion of the total academic lesson time.  A formal Academic Awards Committee is then responsible for the assignment of Academic Awards.

Years 11 – 12

Academic Colours are awarded. As each subject studied has roughly the same amount of curriculum time, there is no weighting applied.

Work Habits Awards Years 4 – 12

Students in these year groups are eligible to receive a Work Habits Award.  Outstanding Awards are presented when a student demonstrates diligent work habits.  These habits include responsibility, organisation, focus, perseverance and self-regulation.  Work habits enable students to set goals and work towards their personal best.

Years 4 - 10 Award Criteria Award
Top 15% weighted Grade Point Average or Above
Academic Achievement Award
Years 11 - 12 Award Criteria Colours Awards
Achievement of 5 x As
Full Colours
Achievement of 4 x As and 1 x B
Half Colours
Achievement of 3 x As and 2 x Bs
Merit Award
Note: Award calculations made on the best five subject grades.
Work Habits Award Years 4 - 12 Criteria
Outstanding Work Habits
= 60% Level 1 and no more than one Level 3 or 4

Speech Night

Speech Night Awards are presented once a year, in Term 4, and are based upon the reporting grades running from Terms 1, 2 and 3 for Years 4-7, and Terms 1, 2 and 3 plus Term 4 of the preceding year for Years 8-12. Subject Awards, Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence Awards are presented at Speech Night. Recipients of the Academic Commendation Awards will be presented with their award at the Years 4 - 12 Academic Awards Assembly.

Years 11 - 12 Award Criteria Colour Award
Top ranked student in the subject in Year 11
Subject Award
Top ranked student in the subject in Year 12
Subject Award
Top Achieving Student in Year 11
Academic Excellence Award
Top Achieving Student in Year 12
Second Top Achieving Student in Year 12
Dux Proxime Accessit
Years 4 - 10 Award Criteria Award
Top Achieving Student
Academic Excellence Award
Top 15% of the Cohort Weighted Grade Point Average
Academic Achievement Award