Wright House

Wright House is named after celebrated poet Judith Wright who is remembered fondly for prolific poetry writing, a creation of children’s stories and also a strong advocate for human rights and the environment. Love of Australian values and strength of compassion are also exemplified in Wright House in many ways.

The Wright House character is typified with a unique sense of togetherness and feeling of belonging to a family that has been richly cultivated over many years. Never has it been more important to offer authentic examples of role modelling and mentoring, supporting our students’ social and emotional learning from the inside out, and from the bottom up. House spirit is not only about being on the sidelines, cheering and supporting, with mascots of the shark and yellow trim… but it starts in the tutor group, where all students, from Year 7 to the senior leaders of Years 11 and 12 contribute to make Wright House feel like a ‘family’. It is here you meet those who will lift your spirits every day, and help you to act with purpose; learning how having good character is about leadership, and taking care of others daily. Most of all, spirit comes from knowing that you are part of a tradition in the House; to share with others what it means and celebrate the personal bests you have achieved, in any and every forum inside and outside the House and wider College community.

Wright House is spoilt for riches in the diversity of student talents in the fields of acting, dancing, performing, sporting, academic and philanthropic to name just a few. Wright House prides itself every year in being one of the nation’s top fundraising schools with the ‘40 Hour Famine’ run by World Vision proving testament to how willingly students will donate their time and efforts to support worthwhile causes. Wright House regularly tries it’s best at all sporting and cultural events, celebrating great success driven not by individual success but by working as a united team. 

Andrew Hayes - Head of House