Lawson House

Henry Lawson was a great Australian poet, whose written works about the early settlers captured the strength and spirit of the Australian people, who battled to make a living in the harsh conditions of rural Australia. He would be proud of the efforts of all Lawson students, homeroom tutors and affiliated staff throughout the year, who embrace the same characteristics of determination, the strength of character and team spirit found in his poems. Nowhere are these attributes more clearly demonstrated than in the Carnivals and other House activities held throughout the year. 

Lawson House prides itself on being enthusiastic and supportive of all those who wear the distinctive red shirt, regardless of their abilities. As a family, together we celebrate the amazing achievements of all our students from their academic performances to their incredible talents in the Arts, their sporting successes and their contributions to the wider community. The enthusiasm and passionate support are shown in participating in events, and the encouragement of fellow members, is always 100%. This positive attitude and collegiate team spirit has been a constant force over the last few years. 

Lawson has enjoyed much success over the years in terms of silverware, winning the R.J. Nicholls Shield for the Champion House on more than one occasion. Lawson House’s success, however, has not just been down to the exploits of our elite athletes and our fantastic public speakers but, but to the efforts of all the Lawson students. Every single student in the House contributes to its success throughout the year. Winning is not everything, but Lawson students strive to achieve their best for their House by participating, having a go, and challenging themselves individually for the greater good of the ‘red’ community.

Alison Ward - Head of House