English at A.B. Paterson College is about developing each learner’s critical thinking skills and awareness of how and why texts are created.  It is about sophisticated thinking in a fun, open and creative environment.  Students learn through reading, viewing and discussing in the classroom, online and independently.  Learning is conducted in an engaging and open way.

The English curriculum is relevant and pertinent. It focuses on context and the world in which texts are created.  Students learn to make links between the context, techniques and meaning of texts.  The subject broadens each student’s horizons, as they develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultural contexts within the study of novels and plays.

The English staff have varied interests and strengths in fields such as Drama, Music and Songwriting, Law, Marketing and Literature.  The English faculty maintains a vibrant co-curricular life, with activities such as Debating, Public Speaking and Creative Writing Club running every year.  Students are also given opportunities to attend author visits and workshops, or attend performances by theatre companies.  They also have the opportunity to enter English competitions and attend literature festivals.  Extension English is offered in Year 12 as a separate subject, to provide talented students with an avenue to develop their research skills and knowledge base.

Students are equipped with the skills to speak and write articulately, so that they are able to meet the various challenges presented to them when they leave school and enter the real world.  English allows students to develop skills that can be used effectively in any given situation, both within and beyond the curriculum.  The English staff support their students at all times, and provide them with the best opportunity possible to reach their potential in this subject area.