College Captains' Welcome 2024

Lachlan Kelly - 2024 College Captain

As College Captain for 2024, on behalf of our entire community, I welcome you to A.B. Paterson College. 

For me, this institution holds a very special place in my heart, as I have been privileged to experience the A.B. Paterson College difference from my formative years in the Early Learning Centre. Growing up in this community, I have seen countless individuals walk the College’s grounds and venture out into the wider community. However, it is most prominent to me now more than ever that these students are different from their demographic. They have been infused with the exceptional culture that A.B. promotes in all College life, that prides itself on developing students into young men and women, who are leaders now and for the future. 

A.B. Paterson College has a culture that celebrates and fosters traditional Australian values. It is a culture that is inclusive, accepting and supportive of all staff, students and parents. A culture that not only provides children with a dynamic academic education, but a holistic one that enriches them with sports, arts, co-curricular’s and an ingrained value of leadership in all aspects of life. A culture that develops student character into passionate advocates for learning, confident individuals that can succeed and influence positive change in this modern world. 

Being an institution forged on tradition and its impact on community, A.B. Paterson thrives on innovation through, Excellence, Care, and Commitment. These are the staples and foundation that are inscribed into everything our community has to offer. 

With a large range of opportunities offered on campus, I have been delighted to find my passions in our extra-curricular programs, our community, and the sense of spirit and appreciation for our Australian culture. I am eager to meet and enjoy the company each and every person in our community this year, to appreciate our wonderful staff in and outside the classroom, while following in the footsteps of those before me. 

My vision for 2024 revolves around transforming A.B. Paterson College, by further enhancing the opportunities for our students to engage actively and enthusiastically in our inner and outer community. I aim to prioritise the wellbeing of our students by promoting a supportive and compassionate environment that allows a cohesive and joint connection between secondary and junior grades. 

My goal is to imbue the student community with the importance of courage in navigating life and creating an environment where students feel empowered to venture beyond their comfort zones. 

This involves fostering personal growth, unlocking fresh opportunities, and creating lasting memories for everyone. I particularly value the presence of student leaders in all of College life and I aim to spark the leadership potential that resides in all students. 

This year promises to be filled with exciting opportunities, meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences. I look forward to leading this community in 2024 and cannot wait to add to an already timeless legacy at A.B. Paterson College.


Chloe Ward – 2024 College Vice-Captain

To challenge the individual to achieve and to act with purpose and character. These powerful words have resonated with me since the first time I walked through our College gates in 2019. They have become the guiding force behind my actions, propelling me to strive for Excellence, Care and Commitment both in and outside of the classroom – inspiring me to embody all values of our A.B. Paterson College community. My name is Chloe Ward, and I am so honoured to have the privilege of serving our College in 2024 as College Vice Captain.

With continuous determination, throughout 2024, I am committed to use my role as College Vice Captain to uphold the very essence and high standards that define our collective good character, and make a positive impact that echoes through the halls of A.B. Paterson College, and beyond. Looking back at the person I was five years ago, it is so difficult to accurately depict the greatness of the impact A.B. Paterson College holds on the development of the person I am today. When I first arrived, I was completely unaware of the profound personal growth and untapped potential that awaited within me, and I cannot wait to bring forth this awareness in all members of our community. Our College has been a beacon of inspiration, nurturing not only my academic abilities, but my character, values, and self-belief. Through its unwavering commitment to excellence, A.B. has given me wings to soar higher than I ever thought possible - and now, I want nothing more than the opportunity to give back. As the 2024 College Vice Captain, I aim to leverage the personal growth and leadership potential that A.B. Paterson College has nurtured within me, to inspire all students to embark on a path of introspection that untaps their own leadership potential and inspiration to serve the greater good.

At the core of my vision, is the belief that A.B. Paterson College is a place where every student feels valued and inspired to reach their full potential. My commitment to bringing out the inner leader within students of our College stems from the belief that leadership is not limited to a few individuals; it is a collective effort that strengthens our entire College community.

As I embark on my final year at A.B. Paterson College, I will continue to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the betterment of our College, and ensure my impact, and the impact of the 2024 Cohort, is one that remains as great as the impact this College has had on me.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I cannot wait to see all that we achieve and learn together throughout 2024!

Thank you!