Principal's Welcome

Welcome to A.B. Paterson College

At A.B. Paterson College, we believe that it is the quality of the human relationships that exist within a school that define its character, its feel and the essential teaching and learning relationships that are formed.

Schools of substance are often defined by the quality of relationships that exist between students, parents and staff. At A.B. Paterson College, we value these essential partnerships in the education of each and every child. Students take educational risks, dare to challenge themselves and aim to succeed, when they feel supported in a caring and nurturing environment with dedicated and highly experienced teachers. This is of the utmost importance at A.B. Paterson College, as we continue our tradition of being one of Australia’s leading Colleges.

International research indicates that it is the quality of teaching within the classroom that has the greatest impact on student achievement. At A.B. Paterson College, we base our teaching and learning strategies on leading international research and the Teaching for Understanding framework, as conceptualised in Project Zero from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This framework facilitates opportunities for our students from Prep to Year 12 to think creatively and learn to apply their skills and knowledge to new and real life-related situations. This leading approach to teaching and learning focuses on the individual student, thereby better providing for their individual needs.

Whilst proud of the very strong academic record that A.B. Paterson College has always maintained, our aim is to develop young men and women of character. The College strives to achieve this by challenging students to develop the intellectual character necessary to become passionate about the ongoing pursuit of learning; to have the skills and confidence to succeed in an increasingly complex world; and to become committed to creating positive futures for the good of all, through leadership and active participation in their communities.

The College caters for students with a diverse range of talents, interests, needs and academic abilities, through its rigorous and comprehensive academic program, diverse co-curricular activities, and strong pastoral care system. Our College boasts leading educators, committed to ongoing professional development, and highly dedicated non-teaching staff committed to the achievement of the College’s mission.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that a parent will ever make. Every child and young adult deserves the highest standard of education to support and encourage them to the achievement of their personal best; to develop the essential qualities that enable them to act with purpose and character; and to possess those much needed values to operate within the moral framework of an ethical community.

Schools such as A.B. Paterson College have always played an important role in not only preparing our students for the future, but educating them to shape it. 

Joanne Sheehy,