The Alan Rickard Scholarship

The Alan Rickard Scholarship is named in honour and in recognition of Mr Alan Rickard, Foundation Chairman of the Board, highly respected Member of the Board of A.B. Paterson College from 1991 - 2013, and now Patron of A.B. Paterson College.

Application for this Scholarship is open to all students completing their Year 11 studies, who are maintaining their enrolment at the College and entering Year 12 in the subsequent year of study.  Students must have completed at least one year of study at A.B. Paterson College to be eligible for this Scholarship.

Applications for this Scholarship will open on Monday 22 January 2024 and will close on Thursday 12 September 2024.

The Alan Rickard Scholarship Application

The Alan Rickard Scholarship Application

Applications should be made in writing, addressed to the Principal, marked ‘Confidential’ and emailed to  

Students holding a student visa (subclass 500) are not eligible to register.