The study of both Japanese and Spanish languages at A.B. Paterson College contributes to the general education of all students.  The study of languages provides students with linguistic competence, as well as an understanding of other cultures.  It prepares learners to be citizens of the world, and to learn to value and respect the heritage of others.  In the globalised world of the 21st Century, employers are expecting that employees will have knowledge of other languages and cultures.  The emphasis in learning a language is to communicate in a multi-cultural society and to appreciate aspects of other cultures as well as our own.

At A.B. Paterson College, students learn Japanese and Spanish languages through both interactive and collaborative activities, utilising whiteboard and computer technologies.  Through a range of interactive language software and online learning management systems, students learn from highly qualified native speakers, and from speakers who have spent a great deal of time in the target language country.

Secondary School Japanese

The Secondary School Japanese course (from Years 7 - 12) encourages students to utilise their Japanese language skills in real-life communicative contexts.  Study is undertaken covering a variety of units including seasons and festivals, shopping, homestay and employment.  A Japan Tour, with an opportunity for a homestay experience, coupled with excursions, such as a visit to a Japanese garden, a Japanese restaurant and an introduction to sushi making, are some of the numerous opportunities that students have to utilise their language and cultural knowledge in realistic contexts.

Secondary School Spanish

In the Secondary School Spanish course (from Years 7 - 12), students explore how to recognise classroom commands and expressions, how to seek medical advice, and the varying cultural intricacies of employment seeking in the target language.  A Europe cultural tour, along with a visit to a Hispanic restaurant, are just a few of the numerous cultural activities designed for student enjoyment, learning enhancement and enrichment.