Performing Arts Excellence Scholarship

Students, who have significant experience in either Dance, Musical Theatre, or Drama, are invited to apply for a scholarship in the above area. This scholarship is only offered in Year 10 and is for study in Years 11 and 12.

Students awarded this scholarship must undertake study in their chosen field of excellence for both Year 11 and Year 12.

Applications for the 2025 Performing Arts Excellence Scholarship has now closed.

Students interested in applying for a Performing Arts Excellence Scholarship must undertake the following:
  1. Complete the application form Performing Arts Excellence Scholarship Application and forward to Karen Milburn, Head of Admissions at;
  2. Provide a portfolio that includes: a documented history of their involvement in a specified field of the performing arts; awards received; and references from current instructors; 
  3. Students may at their discretion provide video footage of their performance in the Arts.

Those students short-listed from the above requirements will be invited to an interview with the Principal.

Students holding a student visa (subclass 500) are not eligible to register.