Professional Learning

The single most important factor influencing student outcomes and level of achievement is the quality and effectiveness of the classroom teacher.

A.B. Paterson College is one of the leading Colleges in Queensland and is fast developing as a centre of excellence in education and leadership development.  With partnerships and relationships with the Centre of Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education (CIRCLE), Griffith University, Bond University and the Singapore Management University, Independent Schools Queensland, the Association of Heads of Independent Schools Australia and the Proteus Leadership Group, the College provides many outstanding opportunities for staff development and professional learning.

A.B. Paterson College believes that the single most important factor influencing student outcomes and level of achievement is the quality and effectiveness of the classroom teacher.  It is for this reason that the College invests so heavily in terms of both time and financial resources to the development of its staff.  All members of the teaching staff (comprising Teachers, Learning Assistants and Faculty Assistants), participate in our mandated professional development program.  In addition, many staff choose, or are encouraged, to undertake further studies in specialist areas such as gifted and talented education, differentiation of curriculum, ICT integration, 21st Century Learning skills, use of ability data to plan for individual student outcomes, assessment strategies and pastoral care strategies, to name but a few.  These courses and programs are sought and tailored to meet the needs of individual members of staff and the broader requirements of the College.

A.B. Paterson College has embraced the Teaching for Understanding framework (TfU), as researched and designed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Many members of the staff undertake studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and are recognised as International Coaches and leaders in this field.  

A.B. Paterson College is also committed to the development of the teachers of tomorrow by providing opportunities and placements for aspiring teachers from leading universities to our College. These pending graduates are supported and provided with some of the finest mentoring and coaching, to assist them in facing the challenges of education and to realise their vocational calling. 

Among our Key Focus Areas, the College aims to attract, retain and support staff who will excel in all areas within the operation of the College; who are exceptional role models to our students; and who add significant value to the learning experiences of students in the College. This is both the College's strategic goal and intent.

The College is active in the development of educational leadership and is currently embarking on a new initiative called the Instructional Leadership and Development Program, which includes specific strands for the mentoring and coaching of staff new to the College; for those seeking to renew and further refine their development as educators; and specific courses for both aspiring leaders, and those already holding positions of leadership and responsibility.