Leadership in Action - Secondary School

Leadership development is an important component of the Secondary School at A.B. Paterson College. Our vision is to develop leaders now and for the future.  The development of leadership skills is a focus of the horizontal and vertical pastoral development programs, as well as our camp and activities program. Providing each student with opportunities to undertake leadership responsibilities embeds this learning.

Students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and develop their leadership skills through:

  • Sporting and cultural activities, and within academic classes
  • Organising and running an assembly for the rest of the Secondary School, as part of the assemblies’ program
  • The Aussie Leaders’ program provides the opportunity for Year 7 students to support younger students.  
  • Activities week at the beginning of the school year provides a platform for students to undertake team building and leadership development.
  • Outward Bound provides a challenging environment for all Year 10 students to learn more about themselves and to work as a team.
  • Australian Business Week gives Year 11 students the chance to develop teamwork, and hone leadership skills, as they form teams to run a company.

Year 12 is a culminating year for our students’ leadership development. Students take on specific leadership development and leadership tasks as part of their preparation for life in the community and workforce. They work with Junior School students in the buddies’ program; organise and run the Banjo’s Games afternoon; work as coaches in co-curricular activities; undertake leadership roles as part of the portfolio program; and lead their sporting Houses and tutor groups. Most significantly, the Year 12 students act as role models for all students to help maintain College expectations and standards. This work culminates in the awarding of the College Leadership Honours Award (the equivalent of Prefects).