Humanities and Social Science

Knowing our place in the world is fundamental.  Studying the Social Sciences in the Junior School helps students begin their journey towards becoming critically thoughtful, informed global citizens who have the skills they will need to solve problems, present their ideas and communicate their understanding about the ever-changing world around them.

Students from Prep to Year 6 study History and Geography.  It is through these curriculum areas that they develop a sense of time and place.  From their earliest experiences, learning about themselves and their local area, through to exploring the vast world beyond our shores, teachers encourage curiosity.  Investigation occurs through a series of progressive and purposeful units of study, targeted directly towards the developmental needs of the students.  Our program provides the foundation to developing the kinds of skills and attributes that can be transferred into all areas of life.  In Years 3 - 6 we additionally study Civics and Citizenship which is uniquely positioned to provide opportunities for young Australians to become active and informed citizens in a global context.

Whether it is venturing beyond the College gates on an excursion, or working collaboratively on a project, A.B. Paterson College understands the importance of preparing its students for life in the 21st century.  The Social Science curriculum enables students to learn to evaluate, co-operate and collaborate, all whilst taking full advantage of the extensive access to technology.  Excitement and fun bubbles over in the classroom as the students work together to explore the world that is, and the world that was, in the College's supportive and contemporary environment.