While Mathematics is a compulsory subject for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), at A.B. Paterson College we see it as a vital, engaging and dynamic learning area that should be studied, not because it is prescribed, but because it is fascinating.  What starts off as basic numeracy quickly elevates to glorious algebra that allows us to peek into the workings of great minds.  In essence, Mathematics is the study of relationships.  We learn to use abstractions - algebraic, graphical and numerical - to make sense of the world around us.

At A.B. Paterson College, all students study general Mathematics from Year 2 through to Year 9. This study builds student skills in numeracy that later develop into algebraic and statistical skills, closely guided by the Australian Curriculum.  At the end of Year 10, students are then able to choose the Mathematics path that they will follow, depending on their ability and motivation with the subject.

For the majority of students, Mathematical Methods will be their main focus, delving deeper into the workings of more complicated algebra, and gaining an appreciation for the ability to interpret and analyse the world around them.  Some students will take General Mathematics, as opposed to the Methods course, and will receive grounding in the direct and immediate practical applications beyond Secondary School.  For those students with a passion for advanced concepts, Specialist Mathematics will offer a unique and challenging extension of their abilities, pushing the students into a complex and subtle understanding of the beauty of Mathematics.

Our focus at A.B. Paterson College is not only on the content of the Australian Curriculum, but also on the students’ appreciation of Mathematics in general. Teachers endeavour to create inquisitive and curious students with a love of learning and a hunger to ask questions.  Through building individual relationships in a caring and supportive manner, the conversation between students, their teachers and each other is opened up, emphasising that no question is a silly question and, together, we can grow.  We can grow into inquisitive adults.  We can grow into adults who appreciate the complexity of the subject.  We can grow into adults who are able to think critically and logically.  All this learning is fostered under the helpful guidance of the student’s Mathematics teacher, who works in tandem with parents to allow each student to shine their very brightest.