Student Safety

A.B. Paterson College places student safety and care at the forefront of its obligations. Respecting others’ rights, and acting with courtesy, includes the right of each student to attend school without suffering intellectual, emotional or physical bullying.

The Australian Government has led the development of a National Safe Schools' Framework , which incorporates existing good practice, and provides an agreed national approach to help schools and their communities address issues of bullying, harassment, violence, child abuse and neglect.

The legislation will make, as a condition of funding in all schools, the adoption of this framework and prominent display of the Values for Australian Schooling and The National Safe Schools Framework. $4.3 million will be provided to school authorities to support the framework’s implementation.

A.B. Paterson College believes that the care and nurturing of students is a partnership between the College and the family.

The College has care arrangements in place so that students can be supervised outside classroom hours. Supervision of students is provided at After School Care (for Primary students) until 6.00pm and the Information Resource Centre until 5.00pm. Working parents find these services especially convenient.

Early morning playground supervisors monitor the grounds from 7:45am until the start of the school day. Parents please note: the College cannot provide student supervision outside these times.

Policy on Drug Use or Possession

The use, possession, or supply of legal and/or illicit drugs by students of the College, whether this were to occur on school property, at College related functions or, in their own time, is unacceptable.

Our Personal Development programme contains units on Drug and Alcohol Education, peer pressure, self esteem and conflict resolution, all of which can contribute to minimising drug use.

To view our Policy on Drug Use or Possession by Students & Policy on Other Illegal Activities by Students, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Policy on Child Protection

Promoting and providing a supportive learning environment in which all students can expect to feel safe is an essential function of all schools. Students have a fundamental right to learn in a safe, supportive environment.

The A.B. Paterson College Child Protection Policy applies to all staff and students at the College. It references the following:

  • Commission for Children and Young People Act 2000
  • Education (General Provisions) Act 1989
  • Education (Teacher Registration) Act 1988
  • Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Regulation 2001

View our full Child Protection Policy at the bottom of this page.

Policy on Workplace Health and Safety

A.B. Paterson College is committed to implementing procedures that enable the school to comply with the requirements of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.

Teachers must ensure that all student activities are conducted in a manner that minimises risks to health and safety, while adhering to relevant legislation and to relevant College policy.

Please contact the College for a full copy of our Policy on Workplace Health and Safety