Co-Curricular Activities


A balanced education involves sport and cultural activities to develop a range of skills, attitudes and interests, and a broader perspective on life.  Students often come to the College knowing they have particular talents, but taking on new activities often shows surprising ‘hidden’ skills and gifts.

All students from Years 4-12 participate in competitive sport to learn skills for life such as working in a team, goal setting, perseverance and responsibility, as well as enjoying improvement in physical fitness and the benefits of active recreation.  (Children in Prep - Year 3 develop gross motor skills, ball skills, and co-ordination in physical education with specialist teachers.)

Students are also expected to participate in at least one cultural activity.

Through participation in these activities, students learn as much about self-confidence and performing under pressure as they do about the joy of sharing artistic expression. The College has a very high standard of performance and success in each of the cultural activities.