Old Collegians – the Alumni association of A.B. Paterson College

At A.B. Paterson College, we aim to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning, leadership and endless possibilities. Our graduates undertake further study at university, continue their vocational education courses, or begin careers that may see the conversion of their traineeship into apprenticeships or employment. Whatever path they choose, our graduates can look forward to making a positive contribution to their communities.

A.B. Paterson College past students follow diverse and interesting career paths in a variety of  areas - health sciences, information technology, the performing and visual arts, the defence forces and education. We have been delighted to welcome a number of them to the College staff as teachers and coaches, where they continue to embed the ethos and values of the College for future generations and contribute to this special College community.

The College’s quarterly magazine, Vision Splendid, often features articles about past students and their careers and activities. The magazine’s editor, Mrs Merilyn O’Toole, Head of Admissions and Communications welcomes stories about past students.

Year 12s receive Graduate Membership of Old Collegians upon graduation and receive copies of Vision Splendid and notification of relevant College functions.

We welcome past students who return to visit the College to see their former teachers and student buddies to maintain contact, or sometimes to seek advice regarding their studies. In 2005, the first child of a past student was enrolled in Prep and our first past student to return as a teacher joined us.

The College extends a warm welcome to our Old Collegians Co-ordinator, Mrs Angela Hirsch, a proud past parent of graduates of the College.

Our current work is focused on reconnecting with alumni through updating our database with current details of alumni of the College. We invite you to complete the Old Collegians Membership Application Form and email or post it to:

Mrs Angela Hirsch
Old Collegians Co-ordinator
A.B. Paterson College
10 A.B. Paterson Drive

There is much alumni can look forward to in the coming years. Please visit this page regularly for information on proposed events. Our Alumni can always consider themselves part of the A.B. Paterson College community and we are looking forward to extending our network of alumni members and to catching up with all of your news.

If you have lost touch, let's reconnect!

For an Old Collegians Membership Application form, please click here