College Captains' Welcome

Meet our College Captain for 2015, Bryan Parsons.

Welcome to A.B. Paterson College!

 My name is Bryan Parsons and I am the College Captain for 2015. As a Year 12 student, who has been attending A.B. Paterson College since Year 3, I understand what is necessary for a student to be happy and excel at school. The environment must be accepting, filled with close friends, and should challenge you to be the best you can be. You should feel confident when trying new things and be secure when presenting new ideas.  That is exactly what I have experienced at A.B. Paterson College. So I would like to tell you about what I feel makes A.B. Paterson College unique and why I feel that my school delivered all these things to me.

I joined the A.B. Paterson College community in 2006 with my older brother, then having recently emigrated from South Africa. Both my brother and I integrated easily into our cohorts, made friends quickly and felt accepted and supported in our new environment. The teachers and students were warm and friendly, and I shall never forget the joy I had, feeling so comfortable as a new student in a new school, in a new country. This is what I think is the critical element that A.B. Paterson College offers and excels in - that sense of community within each cohort and the College as a whole. New students are welcomed warmly, guided from class to class, and supported by an exemplary teaching staff as they adjust to their new school.

Another feature I find that makes A.B. Paterson College unique is the leadership opportunities it presents, as it actively forges leaders of the future. Personally, this year, Emily Selleck (College Vice Captain) and I have the opportunity to work with an amazing group of College Leaders and House Captains, as we work towards leaving a lasting legacy at the school. All the current College leaders had the privilege last year of attending the National Young Leaders’ Day, where many leaders talked to us about their experiences. From Ben Roberts-Smith, the most decorated soldier in the Commonwealth to date, to Liesel Jones, the Olympic Gold Medallist, we were privileged to hear their stories and their struggles. We were utterly inspired by what we heard and now want to take our leadership abilities to the next level.

Our academic system at A.B. Paterson College is at the forefront of learning, with our celebrated Teaching for Understanding (TFU) framework. This curriculum framework applies hypothetical knowledge to real world situations, and yields a greater depth of knowledge. By fusing knowledge from multiple subjects, students are placed in new situations and must adapt the knowledge they know to solve a set problem, which is an integral ability for their future careers.

 Our school, from Prep to Year 12, is more than a ‘school’ – it is a community that inspires, supports, challenges and drives young people  to become individuals of character and confidence. A.B. Paterson College maintains a reputation of producing students who are mature, respectful, and intelligent. We believe strongly in Australian values such as care, commitment, mateship and hard work, and I feel that these values embody the heart of A.B. Paterson College.

 If you would like to visit us, just contact the College and speak to Karen Milburn, Head of Admissions, on (07) 5561 4140 to make an appointment.

Introducing Emily Selleck - College Vice Captain 2015

Hi! My name is Emily Selleck and I would like to welcome you to our College and this web page.

I am incredibly humbled to have been selected as College Vice-Captain for 2015 and feel a deep sense of pride as a member of this progressive and dynamic community that I am pleased to call my second home. I look forward to working collaboratively alongside Bryan Parsons (College Captain) and remain confident that our brilliant leadership team will lead the student body exceptionally well in 2015.

For 25 years, A.B. Paterson College has stood at the forefront of educational institutions in South-East Queensland, fostering the growth of exceptional young men and women and delivering world-class academic and pastoral care to its students.

The concept of a school that celebrates Australian identity and character was brought to life through Banjo Paterson - poet, journalist, lawyer, scholar, soldier, sportsman and patriot, after whom the College was named. Underpinned by the motto Excellence, Care and Commitment, A.B. Paterson College is first and foremost an Australian school, celebrating our national heritage and fostering traditional values, whilst maintaining a progressive mindset to education in a caring environment.

Students are actively encouraged to maximise every opportunity in order to widen their skillset and acquire a broad range of interests outside the classroom. Since its foundation in 1991, the College has established a wonderful history of high academic performance and outstanding achievements in all co-curricular endeavours. From sporting teams and annual musicals to public speaking and debating competitions, the diverse range of clubs and activities offered at the College caters for every individual. A number of international tours have also been a part of the College calendar, allowing students the opportunity to experience the wonders of Paris, on the Europe Tour, or to tackle the busy streets of Tokyo on the Japan Tour, in an effort to develop a global outlook and prepare students for life in our global community. Furthermore, a number of students represent the College each year in their chosen sporting or musical field on an international scale, in addition to many Rotary and international exchange programmes that take place.

As a co-educational Prep to Year 12 School, the campus is a bustling environment, yet it also provides the opportunity to forge unique relationships. Through the buddy programme, bridges are built and strong connections are formed between the Junior and Senior schools, as both younger and older students interact regularly. These relationships are mutually beneficial, as senior students are given the opportunity to provide guidance, whilst the junior students genuinely enjoy their time spent with the people they look up to as role models.

The Prep to Year 12 structure truly fosters a culture of leadership and community spirit, underpinning the College’s ethos, which ensures all students are equipped with the necessary tools to step out into community and achieve their dreams. Upholding a reputation for excellence, the College consistently produces mature, respectful and diligent graduates, as our calibre of Old Collegians can attest.

I am passionate about the betterment of our school and, since entering the College at 12 years of age, I have maintained my core belief in both maximising all opportunities and striving to connect with all pockets of the student body. A.B. Paterson College has truly shaped the young woman I pride myself on being today and I challenge every student of A.B. Paterson College to try something new in 2015 – challenge yourself; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Coinciding with the College’s 25th Anniversary, I have no doubt 2015 will be another successful year of triumphs and challenges and I would like to wish all members of the A.B. Paterson College community the best of luck – on behalf of the Senior Class of 2015, you have our unwavering support and commitment to the school as senior leaders.