About the Centre


Parental requests for a caring and nurturing Centre for their children prior to entry to the College’s Prep year, saw our Early Childhood Centre (then the A.B. Paterson Childcare Centre) open adjacent to the College in 1998. Parents wanted a facility based on the College’s philosophy of caring for each child as an individual, working closely with parents to provide a balanced programme of care, and first class education at appropriate developmental levels.

Three months after opening, the Centre was full and has remained so ever since. It caters for children from two years to school age and is run by the Centre Director, who has a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood, with oversight by the College Principal. The Centre has full three-year accreditation and meets all standards required under state and national guidelines. This means that parents can receive financial assistance through the Commonwealth Government. 

Facilities and Programmes

The Centre is brightly painted and well-resourced. All rooms are air-conditioned and a full range of developmentally appropriate programmes and materials is available. Meals are provided. 

The programmes at the upper level in the Centre are linked directly to the College’s Prep and literacy/numeracy programmes through partnership between the Centre Director and the College’s Head of Learning Support. Centre carers visit the College’s Prep and vice versa, so movement from one level to the other is as smooth as possible.

The Centre provides assessment in speech development, so that early intervention can be targeted to help children progress successfully.


Our fully trained staff have created a warm and nurturing environment, where families can feel confident in sharing the supervision and care of their child. The highest standards of cleanliness and safety are observed, and the Centre shares a Workplace Health and Safety consultant retained by the College to assist in policy making and procedures.

There is low staff turnover, and many families will come to know the same carers interacting with each of their children.


Early registration is essential at the Early Childhood Centre and also at the College. If parents intend to enrol a child into the College Prep year, a separate application must be made directly with the College at least twelve months prior to entry. Longer lead time is preferable, as places at the College are also limited.