Youth Member for Queensland Youth Parliament - Nevindu Dammannagoda

A productive school holidays for Year 10 student Nevindu Dammannagoda as a Youth Member for Queensland Youth Parliament.

Sam O'Connor MP posted the following on his Facebook page:

Here’s what Queensland Parliament will look like all of this week - full of young people!It’s the 28th YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament, an incredible program which teaches 15-25 year olds about our most important institution.

They’ll be debating bills they’ve put together over the last few months and making speeches on the issues they care about.Our area’s Youth Member is Nevi from A.B. Paterson College. He’s been doing a great job tagging along with me to local events this year.

Queensland’s youngest MP Bryson Head also gave a great speech today on behalf of the Oppostion.

Congratulations to Nevindu!