Year 6 Leadership Assembly

The Leadership Assembly for the A.B. Paterson College Junior School Leaders was held yesterday afternoon in the LPAC Theatre for fellow Junior School students and their parents.

The assembly was emceed by Head of Junior School, Mr Simon Edgar, and featured some of the newly appointed Year 12 College Leaders, as well as several wonderful musical performances from the Year 6 Choir and Lucas Liu, Alyssa Fu, and Emily Gao on the piano.

During the Leadership Assembly, Principal, Ms Joanne Sheehy, spoke to the students about the true definition of leadership. 

“Great leaders serve others because they understand that effective leadership is about empowering and supporting those you lead.” 
Principal Ms Joanne Sheehy

"By serving and supporting others, leaders create positive and productive environments, build trust and loyalty among the cohort and achieve common goals.

I ask all students to remember this - leadership is action and not position, and the challenges you face should not deter you from achieving your goals.” 

In addition to the wise words of Principal Sheehy, Year 6 student and Lawson House Leader, Hannah Dooley challenged her cohort to level up in 2023.

“I challenge you to choose three-character strengths that you can develop. Work towards these and I promise you will feel accomplished once you achieve them.”
Hannah Dooley

The newly appointed Junior School Leaders accepted their badges honorably and together recited their pledge of commitment, leadership, and support to their peers. 

The Year 6 Leaders for 2023 are as follows:

House Leaders:
Dennis – Clarissa Leute & Eric Zhang
Lawson – Hannah Dooley & Bennett Longhurst Mackellar – Meg Payling & Lucas Liu
Wright – Kirra Russell & Javier Segui

Co-Curricular Leaders:
Choir – Isla Gharaie
Instrumental Boys Choir – Caelum McCleery
Dance – Abby Dosser
Public Speaking – Ethan Asquith