The Fuse Cup

This week, the midweek thrill reached new heights as our dynamic squad of Year 7 and 8 students rocked The Fuse Cup on both Wednesday and Thursday! 

Picture this: The Elderslie Theatre filled with fast-paced Rocket League action. One of our teams smashed their way into the Knockout Rounds! This competition wasn’t just about goals and victories. Oliver De Zwaan, Matthew Morris, Denzel O’Malley, Nicholas Patterson and Jake Size were the true MVPs. These young gentlemen didn't just bring their A-game; they were the epitome of sportsmanship. Imagine a blend of respect, fierce competition, and a truckload of encouragement for their fellow students. 

These five young students, with their positive vibes and unwavering support, turned The Fuse Cup into a spectacle of A.B. spirit.

Sophie Wager | Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM