Shaving for a Cure

The Year 12 students recently hosted a World’s Greatest Shave event, raising an astounding $6722.10 for the Leukemia Foundation.

During the event, several students and a staff member bravely shaved their heads or cut off more than 20cm of hair to show their support for the cause. This demonstrated the students’ commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by blood cancer.

Year 4-6 Captain, Jessica Williams and Senior Interact Captain, Vipasha Rajkumar, did a wonderful job organising the event. Along with the rest of the Year 12 cohort, they demonstrated their willingness to support charitable initiatives.

The success of the World’s Greatest Shave event is a testament to the power of community involvement and the importance of raising awareness about important issues. By supporting this event, the students not only raised a significant amount of money for a great cause but they also helped to educate others about the impact of blood cancer and the need for continued research and support.

Overall, the Worlds Greatest Shave event at A.B. Paterson College was a remarkable achievement, highlighting the potential for positive change that can be brought about when people work together towards a common goal. The example set by these students is a powerful reminder of the importance of giving back to the community and making a difference in the world.

Congratulations and well done to the following students and staff:

-Jacob Carr
-Alistair Hughes
-Flynn Jekyll
-Ben Sturgess
-Kane Villero
-Matthew White
-Mr Peter Brookes, Head of Dennis House
-Jasmin Richardson (45cm of hair donated)
-Charlotte Squire (20cm of hair donated)
-Joy Cheng (20cm of hair donated)
-Amity Fielding (20cm of hair donated)
-Mingqian Zhou (20cm of hair donated)