Prep Concert at Seachange

On Tuesday 14 November, all Prep students embarked on an exciting excursion to Seachange in Arundel as part of their Service-Learning project. The visit proved to be an exceptional opportunity for our Prep students to actively engage and interact with the local community. The afternoon unfolded with the Prep students showcasing their talents through a heartwarming concert.

Their performance was met with smiles and applause from the residents of Seachange, creating a joyful atmosphere. Not stopping at just music, the students presented the guests with their handcrafted pictures, adding a personal touch to their interaction with the residents.

To cap off the wonderful afternoon, everyone gathered for afternoon tea, fostering connections and creating memorable moments. It was a truly heartwarming experience, as the students and residents alike relished in each other's company, making it a great afternoon for all involved.

Well done Prep students on your excellent performance at Seachange.

Trent Davis, Jade Lucy, Rebecca Tonkin & Jacinta Lauder | Prep Team