Junior Chess Club Tournament Results for Term 1, 2024

On Friday 22 March, Junior Chess Club students were awarded medals by their coaches for game points earned throughout Term 1. 

Medals were presented for first, second and third place within the majority of the groups (Beginners 1 Group did not play tournament games as they are still acquiring basic chess skills).

The results and medal recipients from the other groups were as follows:

Advanced Group

  • 1st place - Tudor Wonish (6W)
  • 2nd place - Alana Liew (6H)
  • 3rd place - Nicholas Liew (4C)

Intermediate Group

  • 1st place - Benjamin Jiao (5S)
  • 2nd place - Methula Gunawardena
  • 3rd place - Tiana Zhang (2L) and a very close to third special mention to Amanda Chen (4C)

Beginners 3 Group

  • 1st place - Arin Badgotti (3S)
  • 2nd place - Patrick Shan (2J)
  • 3rd place - Josephine Du (2L)

Beginners 2 Group

  • 1st place - Aadya Siriwardana (4H)
  • 2nd place - Benjamin Espie (6B)
  • 3rd place - Rohan Febey (4T)

Congratulations to all these students!