Farewell to the Graduating Class of 2023

This week at the College we witnessed our Year 12 cohort experience their final days of schooling; sharing memories and feelings of excitement, anticipation and sadness. Now that all of the external examinations were complete, the students could relax, celebrate their achievements and look back on the fond memories they have of their time at the College. The Year 12 Area has been buzzing with lively conversations and sharing of memories. Across the College emotional farewells took place; in buddy classes, homerooms and farewelling teachers who have been an integral part of the lives of the 111 incredible students in this cohort.

As the week progressed more and more tears flowed as the students said goodbye to their homerooms and houses in the final assemblies. The Year 12 pool party is always a highlight and students enjoyed coming together for one last time to socialise, relax and enjoy each other’s company over a pizza lunch. The ice-cream van was very well-received, and thanks must be given to the Friends of A.B. Paterson Collage (FAB) for provided this delicious treat!

On the morning of Valedictory, the Year 12 cohort shared emotional farewells over a breakfast of coffee and cronuts together in the Rickard Courtyard. The atmosphere was thick with emotion; excitement for what lay ahead and sadness for departing what would have been a second home for many students for almost 13 years. It was a whole day celebration where staff, families and students mixed in a wonderful social atmosphere, reminiscing about memorable classroom lessons and co-curricular activities, embellishing camp stories and taking pictures capturing this special day. We were so fortunate to all be able to come together as a community on this day and farewell our graduating class of 2023.

The Valedictory Assembly and Dinner are an opportunity for students, parents and staff to come together to celebrate the achievements of this outstanding group of Year 12 students and to commemorate their graduation from the College. The achievements of all students were celebrated during with the announcement of the co-curricular, academic and major prizes. It was also a chance for us to reflect on the incredible journey each student has had since commencing at the College, whether it be at the Early Childhood Centre or in Year 11 and to celebrate these past events and achievements.

As the Class of 2023 graduate from the College on this day, they are no longer students of the College but have joined the ranks of Old Collegians. We look forward to meeting with them in the future and hearing the amazing stories of their experiences and achievements.

Charlotte Brook – Head of Senior School