Drone Safety Lesson for Pre-Prep Students

The Banjo and Friends were abuzz with excitement as the energetic hum filled the air. Over the past three weeks, a group of Year 5 and 6 students, alongside myself, have embarked on a journey to educate our Pre Prep students about Drone Safety. The result? A delightful experience for our little friends as they were given the unique opportunity to take flight.

With steady hands and focused faces, our young learners demonstrated perfect qualities during these highly successful lessons. Their ability to control the drones with precision, navigating from one location to another, left everyone impressed. What stood out even more was their infectious enthusiasm and remarkable focus.

A heartfelt congratulations to our mini pilots, and a special thank you to Indiana, Arabella, Aanya, Javier, Ariene from Year 6H and Nicholas, Ewan, Moka, Magdalena, Alyssa, and Ivy from Year 5W for your invaluable help in making this experience possible. Well done, team!

Sophie Wager | Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM