Dennis House Sleepout

On Friday night, the College hosted its annual Dennis House Sleepout, aimed at raising money for the College’s charitable partners including Orange Sky Laundry, Youngcare and the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. More than 300 students, from Years 4-12, participated in the experience, raising a total of $5,735.20, making it the largest and most successful sleepout event to date.

To kick-off the charitable affair, 300 students piled into the Dunlop Multi Purpose Centre and participated in a series of fun-filled games with their peers and teachers. They then enjoyed a pizza party and unwound whilst watching movies, Big Hero 6 and The Goonies, before the sleepout officially began.  

Throughout the night, whilst lying on the floor of the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre in their sleeping bags, students were encouraged to reflect on the purpose of the event and the impact of their efforts. They learnt about the importance of supporting charities, the people they were helping, and the benefits of giving back to the community. The event was a powerful way to teach young people about the value of empathy, compassion, and generosity and to instil in them a sense of social responsibility.

The Dennis House Sleepout was a fantastic example of how a school could bring together students, staff, and the wider community to make a positive difference in the world. It was an event that inspired and uplifted all those involved and demonstrated the power of collective action in creating positive change. The College's annual Dennis House Sleepout was a shining example of how schools can not only educate but also inspire their students to be active and responsible citizens of the world.

Thank you to Dennis Head of House, Mr Peter Brookes, and House Captains, Niesha Garbharran and Oliver Game for their fantastic leadership, planning, promoting, and running of the event. An additional thank you to numerous staff who made this event possible and our College community for the charitable donations.