College Leaders for 2024 Announced!

Our morning could not have started any better, with all of our students from Prep to Year 12 gathered together for our Welcome Back Assembly to celebrate the achievements of our students, hear about the incredible Japan Tour that took place during the holidays and to announce our 2024 College Leaders!

Our Year 11 students are required to go through a rigorous application process to become a College Leader. This involves preparing a thorough written application, presenting a speech to their cohort and answering a range of questions from their peers, current College Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team. Feedback is also sought from these stakeholders with particular emphasis on how the applicant epitomises the College motto of ‘Excellence, Care and Commitment’. The 2023 Year 11 applicants were nothing short of exceptional making the appointment process incredibly challenging this year.

Leadership is not defined by titles or authority, but by the ability to inspire, empower, and uplift others. In the footsteps of great leaders, we find the power to overcome challenges, the courage to forge new paths and the determination to leave a lasting legacy of positive change. Leadership is not about standing at the front; its about ensuring that no one is left behind, and together, we rise to new heights. The collective strength of the Year 11 cohort, led by the exceptional group of young people who were announced on Tuesday, will no doubt achieve greatness in 2024, leaving a legacy that will be remember for years to come.

Please join our College Community in congratulating our College Leaders for 2024:

Leadership Title College Leader
College Captain
Lachlan Kelly
College Vice-Captain
Chloe Ward
College Leader - Dennis House
Bridget Rosenboom
College Leader - Dennis House
Jahn Komorowski
College Leader - Lawson House
Jonas Longhurst
College Leader - Lawson House
Jessica Harrison
College Leader - Mackellar House
Zoe Clacher
College Leader - Mackellar House
Zinan Mustafiz
College Leader - Wright House
Georgia Coward
College Leader - Wright House
Sophie Chapman
College Leader - Prep to Year 3
Samuel Brookes
College Leader - Year 4 to Year 6
Jacob Lahood
College Leader - Year 7 to Year 9
Cate Ellwood
College Leader - Spirit and Community
James Wang
College Leader - Sport
Sophie Kanaghines
College Leader - Sport
Marley Mosenki
College Leader - Arts and Societies
Cherry Ge
College Leader - Interact Senior School
Tori Adamson
College Leader - Interact Junior School
Isabelle Doo

A very special thank you to our 2023 College Leaders for your Excellence, Care and Commitment – your passion, effort, hard work and legacy will live on through our students for years to come.

Charlotte Brook | Head of Senior School