Banjo's Games

A.B. Paterson College is a school that values connection and community among its students, staff, and parents. What better way to celebrate our namesake, Andrew Barton Paterson's birthday than with an event that exemplifies these characteristics? 

By bringing together the most senior and junior members of the College through a range of activities, we further solidified the status quo.

There were many exciting activities throughout the afternoon, including singing and dancing, tug of war, sack races, face painting, and more. With experts for each activity on standby, College Captain, Naia-Rae Fenton, kept the event flowing smoothly with steady rotations, and the College Leader for Arts and Societies, Lulu Mathers, kept a steady stream of upbeat music playing.

Whilst academic learning is important, so is learning pop culture. When we found out that some students were unfamiliar with the Nutbush, we knew it was time for a lesson. The Year 12 students led by example and showed them 'what's up'. Other activities,  including face painting by Jasmin Richardson, Abbi Smerdon, Elizabeth Roberts, Indiana Spurle and Paige Yen brought us closer to the younger students. 

We must not forget to thank our unbelievable Friends of A.B. Paterson College (FAB) team, who kept our energy and hydration up with sausage sizzles and Zooper Doopers (which were definitely crowd-pleasers). Thanks also to our Grounds and Maintenance team and the Activities Department, who helped us to set up our equipment that helped make Banjos Games an unforgettable memory for our younger students. 

- Daniel Teren, College Leader for Spirit and Community