Year 12 Senior Leaders

Charley Ellwood - College Captain

My name is Charley and I am so excited to be your College Captain for 2022! I have been at A.B. for nine years and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! Be it through Football, Academics, or the wide variety of Clubs offered to students, I have always tried to be involved in as much as I can, hoping to make genuine positive impact in all that I do. In my role, I have the joy of working with many people across the College in its development, as well as leading the amazing College Leaders’ team. In all I do, I hope to inspire others and I want to ensure that I use the platform I have, to amplify your voice and ensure all students from Prep to Year 12 feel heard! I am so excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to see what we as a community achieve together!

Charles Morris - College Vice-Captain

My name is Charles Morris and I am your 2022 College Vice Captain. Being at A.B. since Prep, I've had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities that I continue to this day. I hope to see and talk with many of you around the College grounds, especially within the co-curricular events which I have had so much fun with over the years. As Vice-Captain, I get to continue doing what I have loved doing over the years; interacting with our wonderful College! Organising events with individuals and ensuring our community continues to be the welcoming and positive environment I've grown to love through student input are some of both the highlights and goals of my role. This year already has the makings of a great one, and I hope to see all of you in the coming months helping us achieve whatever it is we collectively put our mind to.

Madison Game - Dennis House Captain

My name is Maddy and I am your Dennis House Captain for 2022. I love meeting new people and making friends especially through co-curricular activities such as Netball, Touch Football and IRBs (surf lifesaving). I have been at the College since Prep and have always been inspired by the older grades, so I wanted to do the same. My main role is to motivate and support all members in our House and the wider community to uphold the College Values and get involved in all activities. I strive to be a good role model and inspiration for all students and hope they feel comfortable to approach me with anything. The main reason I wanted this captaincy was to create a platform where I can be the voice to get students to give everything a go and participate in all opportunities they receive. 

Jasper Fitzgerald - Wright House Captain

My name is Jasper Fitzgerald. I am your Wright House Captain for 2022. I have been at the College since Prep, and I'm really passionate about sport. I particularly enjoy Running, Netball and Athletics and hope to inspire young athletes. My position is to lead Wright House throughout the year, ensuring that we build upon the incredible success of last year in which Wright House was crowned the House Shield. To do so, I want to ensure maximum participation in co-curricular activities and events, and I encourage all members of Wright House to join me on this journey as we seek to win back-to-back titles!

Zack Jennings - Lawson House Captain

My name is Zack Jennings and I am your Lawson House Captain for 2022. I enjoy Maths and playing Rugby, and I support the Gold Coast Titans. As Lawson House Captain it is my role to organise House activities on behalf of the student body. It is my goal to continue the legacy of previous House Captains and students, by further developing the House spirit and a sense of belonging among Lawson House students. I believe that when joining Lawson House, students not only become part of a House with a rich and successful past, but also become a member of a family who will support them in their unique and ambitious endeavours. 

Thirunanthanan Thirumurugan - Mackellar House Captain

I’m Thirunanthanan Thirumurugan (better known as Nandos) and am your Mackellar House Captain for 2022. With this year being my final year at the College, I am dedicated to pursuing my passions in sport, Football and Athletics, as well as furthering my legacy in the College in all areas. The opportunities to make a difference brought by my Captainship allows me to extend my contribution to the College as a Year 12 Student, whether it be planning and managing fundraisers, establishing new and exciting programs to boost College spirit or devising strategies for Inter-House challenges which allow for Mackellar House’s domination on trophies. Overall, I am thankful for the responsibilities of being House Captain and look forward to serving the College and you all this year.

Alexander Roberts - Spirit and Community Captain

My name is Alex and I am you Spirit and Community Captain for 2022. I aspire to always be a positive and supportive member of friends and family of the A.B. Paterson College community, encouraging those around me to take hold of every opportunity, whether it is joining a Band, Choir, Musical, Sporting Club or simply joining more events at House Competitions. My role is to help improve student moral at various events, helping to create more smiles through decorations, music or to get hyped up about school events such as Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming and APS Send-Offs. I hope to do just that this year, improve the student experience and create as many smiles as possible!

Anika Khawaja - Interact Captain

I am Anika and I am so thrilled to be your Interact Captain for 2022! Interact Club is something I am very passionate about, we plan, manage and oversee Club activities for both the Senior and Junior School students. I wanted this position to help develop and maintain balance and kind relationships between the Junior and Senior School students, through encouraging younger students to participate and Senior School students to volunteer for the activities, charities, and events we organise. 

William Piddington - Interact Vice-Captain

My name is Will, and I am your Interact Vice-Captain for 2022. My main role this year is to help Anika with the various aspects of Interact Club including running the existing events and creating new ones. Interact Vice-Captain is a new role for this year, and I am absolutely excited to see what I can bring to the team and the College. My ultimate goal is to foster a sense of community amongst all my peers, and ultimately hope to make everybody happier at A.B. Paterson College. 

Chloe Britton - Arts and Society Captain

My name is Chloe Britton and I am your Arts and Society Captain for 2022. I have been at the College since Prep and have participated in Arts events such as Dance Troupe and Musicals since Year 4, as well as being a competitive dancer outside of school for almost 15 years. As the Arts and Society Captain, I am involved in organising and facilitating Arts events such as Band and Instrumental showcases, and supporting the Arts department at events, both inside and outside of school. In my role, I hope to make Arts more known at the College and integrate Junior and Senior School events to create an inviting and collaborative artistic environment for all at the College. 

Alex Cannen - Male Sports Captain

Hi there! I’m Alex Cannen and I am your Male Sports Captain for 2022. I love being active and I love playing a range of sports, including AFL, Rugby, Cricket, Netball and Futsal, and I am a massive Gold Coast Titans fan! When applying for leadership, I knew I wanted to continue to build upon A.B.’s sporting culture - supporting the College in being an active, sport-loving, successful school. Now, as Sports Captain alongside Jess, it is my responsibility to highlight the importance of being active and increasing participation in sport wherever possible. Bring on 2022!

Jessica Brown - Female Sports Captain

Hi, I’m Jess Brown and I am your Female Sports Captain for 2022.  I have always loved getting involved in all sports. Some of my favourites include Netball, Swimming and Touch Football. Within the College, sport has taught me how to work towards my passions and interests with commitment, along with a great bonus of making new friends and connections with my peers. I realised when participating in Carnivals and APS, the endless amount of spirit and support that evolved was something I truly wanted to continue building upon. Therefore, after applying for this position I have been lucky enough to get to work this role alongside my Co-Captain Alex, as we continue to build upon the sporting culture offered at A.B. and encourage the student body to push themselves out of their comfort zones. If there is anything I have learnt through my time here, it’s to always give everything a go! 

Piper Stock - Years Prep to Year 3 Captain

My name is Piper Stock and I am proud to be your Prep to Year 3 College Leader for 2022. I have been at A.B. Paterson College for 12 years in which I have been given the opportunity to be involved in an array of activities. The A.B. Community has played a big part into the person I am today and has provided me with a wonderful environment to learn and grow. The early years at school are so important and as Prep to Year 3 Captain I hope I can help to make the beginning of their journey an exciting one and give them a glimpse of the wonderful opportunities available to them. In my role, I have the privilege to engage with the Prep to Year 3 students ensuring that that they feel comfortable in approaching the Seniors for support and guidance. I am so excited for the year ahead, and excited to see how I can a positive impact to our youngest members of the College community. 

Lucinda Harrison - Years 4-6 Captain

My name is Lucinda Harrison and I have the privilege of being the Years 4-6 College Leader for 2022. A.B. Paterson College has been my home since 2017 and from competing in springboard and platform diving to handing in assignments, the College has always provided the best support and assistance for both myself and all students, which is what I aim to do through my position as well. As Years 4-6 College Leader, my role is to ensure that all students in Years 4-6 can call A.B. Paterson College a second home and feel comfortable in approaching the Seniors for guidance and support. In my role, I also work together with the Interact Club to plan numerous Junior School events for the students to enjoy! In 2022, I strive to make sure that the Years 4-6 students can have a memorable schooling year and feel welcomed and appreciated within the A.B. Paterson College Community.

Lachlan Middendorf - Years 7-9 Captain

Hello, my name is Lachlan Middendorf and I am the Years 7-9 captain for 2022. Some of the things I enjoy doing are playing and watching Football and developing my ability in both Athletics and long-distance Running. I truly believe that hard work pays off whether that be in academic or co-curricular opportunities offered by the College, and I try to personify this in my own personal endeavours. During the year I plan on shedding more light to my position through a commitment in establishing better platforms of communication and enjoyment during the earlier years of Senior Schooling.