Year 12 Senior Leaders

Naia-Rae Fenton - College Captain

My name is Naia-Rae, and I am so excited to be your College Captain for 2023! I have been a part of the College community since 2008, and have grown up loving every second of it! Through the Arts, Academics, Sports, and our extensive range of Clubs presented to students, I have always made it my mission to be involved in as much as I can, hoping to have a positive impact and create a unified community for all. In my role, I have the pleasure of interacting with each member of our College and our talented College Leadership team. I want to inspire others and ensure all students from our Early Childhood Centre to Year 12 feel welcome and heard. I am so eager for the year to come and cannot wait to see what ventures we pursue together as a community!

Alistair Hughes - College Vice-Captain

My name is Alistair, and I am your College Vice-Captain for 2023. Since starting my journey at the College in 2019, I’ve been involved in a plethora of the activities and opportunities offered. From academic studies, swimming, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, everything I’ve done here at A.B. Paterson College has helped shape me into the person I am today. Our leadership team is looking forward to working with the entire student body to positively impact and encourage an even greater sense of unity and cohesion among our community. I am incredibly excited to see what we can all achieve together over this coming year!

Niesha Garbharran - Dennis House Captain

My name is Niesha and I am your Dennis House Captain for 2023. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, as well as taking part in activities including the College’s musicals, choirs, and debating. My position includes supporting all students in Dennis House by motivating them to achieve their best in all that they do.  I aim to be a role model for younger students by getting involved in many different activities and clubs around the college and encouraging others to do the same. As Dennis Captain, my main goal this year is to continue the welcoming environment that has been created within the house by making sure all students feel comfortable and supported. 

Oliver Game - Dennis House Vice-Captain

My name is Oliver and I am your Dennis House Vice-Captain for 2023. My favourite things about school life are sports and getting to hang out with my friends. Since starting at the school in A.B. Paterson College in Prep, I have been able to grow a close bond with my cohort. By being selected as a Dennis Captain I am able to extend my contribution to the College, through setting up fundraisers, organising new student programs and arranging inter-house challenges that will ensure Dennis house dominates at carnivals. I am excited to be a House Captain and look forward to what will be a great year ahead.

Madeleine Lay - Wright House Captain

My name is Madeleine, and I am your Wright House Captain for 2023. I have been at the College since Year 9, and I am really passionate about sports and motivating others to do their very best. I enjoy Tennis, Football, and Cross Country and I hope to inspire young athletes to strive to achieve their goals. My aim for 2023 is not only to lead Wright House to victory but to also implement new initiatives that will make sporting life at the College more inclusive and enjoyable for all students. I cannot wait for the year ahead, and for my Wright House peers to join me in helping to motivate all College students. 

Macey Edgar - Wright House Vice- Captain

My name is Macey, and I am privileged to be your Wright House Vice-Captain for 2023. My involvement in a range of co-curricular activities throughout my time at the College has ignited my passion for helping others and giving back to the College Community. My role is to encourage participation from all the members of Wright House and to inspire everyone to achieve their very best in their chosen field. Alongside the Wright House Captain, Madeleine, I aim to foster an infectious house spirit and carry forth the legacy that Wright House has accumulated over the years.

Magdalena Kolarich - Lawson House Captain

My name is Magdalena, and I am your Lawson House Captain for 2023. In my free time I love going to the beach and volunteering at the surf lifesaving club as a volunteer lifesaver and providing water safety supervision for Nippers. I also enjoy a range of sports including running, volleyball, water polo and swimming. Throughout my years at the College, I have always looked up to the older students and strive to be a good role model. My goal this year is to form a tight knit community, across all year levels, within the Lawson House. As house Captain, I want to continue the legacy of those before me and motivate and support all students with their endeavours. I am so excited to see what Lawson House can achieve in 2023. 

Amity Fielding - Lawson House Vice-Captain

My name is Amity, and I am your Lawson Vice-Captain for 2023. I have attended A.B. Paterson College since Prep and have loved every moment! I am passionate about protecting our environment and more specifically, sharks! In my position as Lawson Vice-Captain, I aim to unite Lawson House and encourage all of its members across the entire College Community, to ensure we remain the best house! This year I will work with the Lawson Captain, Magdalena, to carry out our predecessor’s initiative 'The Legion of Lawson'. This is an exciting initiative with the aim of bringing Lawson together and bolstering house spirit. I can't wait to see what 2023 will bring!

Griffin McKinnon - Mackellar House Captain

My name is Griffin, and I am Mackellar House Captain for 2023.  As this is my final year at the College, I am truly looking forward to dedicating my time and effort into leading my younger peers through the ups and downs of College life. I am excited to pursue not only my passion for sports and the arts, but to also assist younger students to follow their dreams. Whether it is organising carnivals, boosting general morale, or even reaching out to anyone seeking advice or assistance, I cannot wait to see where this role takes me. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities and responsibilities that have been bestowed upon me as a Year 12 leader for 2023 and look forward to better serving the A.B. Paterson College community this year!

Daniel Teren - Spirit and Community Captain

My name is Daniel and I am your Spirit and Community Captain for 2023. I aspire to always bring zest and be a supportive member of the A. B. Paterson College family. Always encouraging those around me to take hold of every opportunity, whether it is co-curricular, extra-curricular or academic. My role is to bolster student engagement at various events, helping to bring positivity through decorations, music, or participation activities. It is my role to help students get hyped about school events such as Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming and APS Send-Offs. I hope to do this and more, improving the student experience and creating a closer community!

Vipasha Rajkumar - Senior Interact Captain

My name is Vipasha and I am your Interact Captain. I enjoy dancing, spending time with my friends and family, as well as striving to make sure I involve myself in all Interact events. Interact Club aims to plan, manage, and oversee club activities for both the Senior and Junior Schools. In this role, I aim to encourage all Senior Students to participate and be involved throughout our club events, whilst ensuring that relationships between our Senior and Junior school students are balanced. My goal is to involve as many students as possible in all events to foster a stronger sense of community within our college. I look forward to continuing inspiring students in 2023!

Charlotte Squire - Junior Interact Captain

My name is Charlotte, and I am delighted to be your Junior Interact Captain for 2023. Since starting at the College in Prep, I have been involved with numerous co-curriculars like Chamber Choir, musicals, and public speaking. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering and have always enjoyed organising activities for fellow students. Through the facilitation of events for the Preps to Year 6’s, I hope to create everlasting memories for my younger peers, all whilst helping to bridge the gap between the Junior and Senior students. My main goals this year are to further strengthen the bond between Senior and Junior school students, as well as host more ambitious and joyful events for the younger students. 

Chloe Britton - Arts and Society Captain

My name is Chloe Britton and I am your Arts and Society Captain for 2022. I have been at the College since Prep and have participated in Arts events such as Dance Troupe and Musicals since Year 4, as well as being a competitive dancer outside of school for almost 15 years. As the Arts and Society Captain, I am involved in organising and facilitating Arts events such as Band and Instrumental showcases, and supporting the Arts department at events, both inside and outside of school. In my role, I hope to make Arts more known at the College and integrate Junior and Senior School events to create an inviting and collaborative artistic environment for all at the College. 

Ruslan Akimov - Male Sports Captain

G'Day! My name is Ruslan, and I am your Male Sports Captain for 2023. I started my journey at the College in Year 1 and since then, I have been proud to call A.B. Paterson College my second home! I enjoy an array of sports, including but not limited to football, rugby, martial arts, tennis, touch football and athletics. I am also a passionate supporter of the Sydney Roosters. I am keen to bring many new sports-related initiatives into fruition and continue building upon A.B. Paterson College’s standing traditions. I also hope to endlessly endorse inclusivity and ambitiously support everyone in their chosen fields of sport and carnivals. Bring on 2023!

Hannah Ferguson - Female Sports Captain

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am your Female Sports Captain for 2023. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been involved in numerous sporting activities and teams, with my favourites being netball and athletics. Sport has played a significant role in my life and has given me countless opportunities to make lifelong friendships and grow as a person and a leader. Playing APS has always been one of the highlights of my week, and I want to make the APS program even more enjoyable for students. The abundance of commitment and support shown at College inter-house carnivals is something I want to continue to build upon alongside my Co-Captain, Ruslan. I am very excited to play a leading role in the College’s sports culture and see what the Brumbies can bring in 2023!

Marissa Dirkx - Prep to Year 3 Captain

My name is Marissa and I am very excited to be your Prep to Year 3 Captain for 2023. I have attended A.B. Paterson College since Kindergarten, and have been lucky to witness, experience and be involved in many activities within the Junior School during my time here. When I reflect on some of these events, I know first-hand how influential these experiences can be for the Prep to Year 3 students. Therefore, in 2023 I hope that I can help these students have an exciting beginning to their schooling journey and that I can encourage them to become active participants in the wide variety of opportunities offered by the College. 

Jessica Williams - Years 4-6 Captain

My name is Jessica Williams, and I am honoured to be your Year 4-6 Captain for 2023. The A.B Paterson College Community has been my home since 2016 and has played an integral part in who I am today. It has provided me with an extraordinary opportunity to grow into a young woman of character. This position allows me to promote a safe and comfortable environment throughout the Junior School and to create more engaging activities for our Senior and Junior School. I aspire to provide the best support to all students in Years 4-6. To be someone they can look up to as a College Leader and a friend. I would like for the younger students to be able to feel like A.B Paterson College is their second home. I am very excited for the year ahead, and I will strive to make sure that the Year 4-6 students have a memorable journey. 

Grace Jones - Years 7-9 Captain

My name is Grace, and I am the Years 7-9 Captain for 2023. A.B. Paterson College has been a place I have called home since I began my journey in Kindergarten in 2007. Whether it be sport, academic, or co-curricular activities, the College has fostered my genuine love for community, and acted as a pillar of support. I hope to instil a similar sense of comfort in the younger senior school students and aim to use my position to advocate for a stronger sense of unity. I am privileged to have been given this opportunity and volunteer myself as someone students can approach for guidance and encouragement. I will strive to make the Year 7-9 students time as enjoyable as possible, ensuring their voices are heard, and their needs met – all whilst continuing to uphold the College values. I am excited for what this year will bring.