College Captains' Welcome 2023

Naia-Rae Fenton - 2023 College Captain

As College Captain for 2023, on behalf of our entire Community, I welcome you to A.B. Paterson College.

 Starting as one of the smallest members of our College in 2011, I have been privileged to experience the A.B. Paterson College difference from such a young age. With a large range of opportunities offered on campus, I have been delighted to find my passions in our extra-curricular programs, our community, and the sense of spirit and appreciation for our Australian culture. However, only in my senior schooling has it truly hit me; A.B. Paterson College is my second family. The experience, excellence and culture will have you hooked from the beginning and will make you realise you would be lost without it.

 Our dedicated teachers and staff challenge each student to be active and committed learners within our respected academic, arts, sports, and service programs. Our college offers a wide range of options that let students thrive in a setting that is tailored to them. There is something for everyone here, whether your child is an expert in a particular field or is just curious to discover their passion. I urge all students to take advantage of the unmatched opportunities provided by our College and to strive for excellence in all that they do.
A.B. Paterson College differs from all other schools thanks to its culture. A community that takes pride in turning its pupils into the most talented and promising young people who will shape the world of tomorrow. A way of life that upholds and honours conventional Australian values. A setting that welcomes people from all backgrounds and is supportive of staff, students, and parents. A unique culture that gives your kids a comprehensive education that enhances them in leadership, sport, culture, and co-curricular activities, and an excellent academic venture.
I hope to see you across the campus in 2023, and I cannot wait for the amazing things we will achieve as members of the A.B. Paterson College community.

Alistair Hughes - 2023 College Vice-Captain

When I first began my journey at A.B. Paterson College as a Year 8 student in 2019, I immediately noticed that something was different. It was not that I was beginning my schooling journey in a new country, or that I was now in Senior School. It was something else entirely. From the moment I first stepped foot onto the campus, the sense of spirit and community was palpable. Everyone knew everyone, or at least it seemed like it, as students across all year levels spoke and interacted with one another. As I walked to my homeroom for the first time, I heard snippets of conversations about what people had done over the holidays, or how they had missed one another. As I took a seat inside, many fellow students came up, introduced themselves and welcomed me to the College. Within my first few moments on campus, my nervousness and apprehension had already begun to melt away. As my time at the College has continued, I have come to learn that once you become a part of the A.B. Paterson College community, you will never understand how you survived without it.

The College is a place where all students are encouraged to find their passions and to thrive. From the world-class teaching staff who help educate our future scientists, engineers, economists, leaders and everything in between, to our co-curricular and sports staff who provide a breadth of opportunities and activities for students to engage with.

One of the main things that continues to stand out to me is how varied and widespread the interpersonal relationships here are at the College. Not only are students encouraged to seek out and get to know one another, but the friendliness of the staff allows students to develop true friendships that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.

If you’ve had the opportunity to view our advertising material, including listening to a few radio adverts, you will likely have heard about one of the main things the College prides itself on is the A.B. difference. In addition to all the specifics above, what really makes A.B. Paterson College so different from all the other schools is its culture. It’s a culture doused in Excellence, Care and Commitment. A culture that prides itself on developing students into bright young people that hold the future of our world in their hands. A culture that celebrates and fosters traditional Australian values. A culture that is inclusive, accepting, and supportive of staff, students and parents from all backgrounds. A culture that not only provides children with an academic education, but a holistic one that enriches them with sports, culture, co-curriculars and leadership.

I can’t wait to see what amazing things 2023 holds for all of us at A.B. Paterson College, and I hope to see you on campus at some point this year!