College Captains' Welcome 2021

Jodie Down - 2021 College Captain

Our College and community are truly irreplaceable. Every day, all corners of our campus thrive with joy as students across all year levels foster wonderful relationships, explore their passions and grow into the people who will change our world.

As College Captain for 2021, I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to welcome you to A.B. Paterson College.

2020 was an undeniably tumultuous year where many dealt with unimaginable adversity and lived with the fear of the unknown. Yet despite this unfamiliarity, the resilience and positivity from every member of our community was outstanding. The experience of Online Learning highlighted the dedication of our staff, the high technology-literacy of our College (which allowed for a seamless Online Learning experience) and the generosity of our College as an institution. Most importantly, it highlighted that our College spirit – our kindness, empathy, creativity and leadership – is not restricted to campus or when we are wearing our uniform, but rather, it shines wherever we are. This spirit permeates all that we do and constitutes who we are as individuals. 

Our College Motto, Excellence, Care and Commitment, reflects the core values by which our College is governed, and one that staff and students are tremendously proud of and strive towards. Every student is supported to achieve excellence – they are provided with the resources and assistance to help them find what they are passionate about and are encouraged to be high achievers within the field. Care is integral to the College environment, omnipotently present in the hallways, classrooms and playgrounds, as every member of our community is valued and supported. Furthermore, each day, we demonstrate a commitment to the Mission and Vision of our College and a never-ending journey of growing and improving our skills, knowledge and character. 

Over the past three decades our College and community have grown immensely, and it is not difficult to see that every year we will continue to improve and defy expectations of what an exceptional education constitutes. We have world-class infrastructure and technology, a breadth of co-curricular activities and leadership opportunities, inspiring staff, dynamic and engaging learning environments and noble values, heritage and culture, all unique to our College. It is undeniable that A.B. Paterson College is the education every parent dreams of for their child.

It is an honour to lead the A.B. Paterson College student body over 2021, and I look forward to seeing what a tremendous year it will be for all members of our College. I truly hope to see your child at our campus soon and cannot wait for your family to be a part of the A.B. Paterson College community!

Michael Beckton - 2021 College Vice Captain

I would like to share with you a quote I have developed over my short life:

Be the person who commits every day to make history, not a story. No matter where you are in life there will always be another level and another ‘you’ ready to turn great into incredible. Make history, not a story. 

These few lines have truly shaped me and have only been possible through a support system that has kept me focussed and pushing for incredible. 

Prior to joining A.B. Paterson College community as a Year 2 student in 2011 – with all the ideas in the world – I had struggled to fit in after moving to the Gold Coast. This did not last for long. My first teacher at the College was right by my side helping me with all I needed. It was then I realised that A.B. Paterson College is not only a great place to be educated, it also boasts a culture that I wanted to become a part of, and represent to the best of my ability. This was the beginning of the best decade of my life – I truly felt at home.

If you seek an education provider that not only teaches your child well, but also surrounds them with that feeling of a home away from home, A.B. Paterson College is the place for you. The golden factor is the innovative curriculum, focussed on achievement and well-being, that is tailored to your child.

In my 10 years at the College, I have been lucky enough to take advantage of the many extraordinary, world-class learning facilities on campus. But it is our teachers’ passion for bringing out the best in every student, and my peers’ love for learning that has seen our College set a new standard in education. We are supported by staff who ensure every member of the community feels valued and inspired.

Wherever your talents lie – in the academic arena, sporting fields, the arts, leadership, community service – students are encouraged to go beyond personal boundaries and explore the extensive range of co-curricular activities.

The A.B. experience is unique, and I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful community. I look forward to leading the Year 12 cohort of 2021, and the wider community, and taking on whatever challenges 2021 has in store for us!