College Captains' Welcome 2020

Sascha Lawton - 2020 College Captain 

If you are looking for an experience that is so much more than just an education, one that is filled with countless opportunities – a chance for growth, development and real-life learning – then A.B. Paterson College is the community for you.

My name is Sascha Lawton and, as College Captain for 2020, I am thrilled to welcome you! The A.B. Paterson College experience is truly like no other. With a unique culture, a dynamic learning environment, and wonderful facilities, there is so much on offer to cater to every student.

I began my journey at the College at the Early Childhood Learning Centre, in 2006. Over the past 15 years the A.B. Paterson College campus has undergone many changes – in 2006, the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre opened its doors; in 2008, the new Maths building was completed; in 2010, the DMPC was opened and tested out with our Grade 2/3 Choir performing, and most recently, in 2019, The Winton Centre was unveiled. Whilst our school has a beautiful campus, there is so much more to it than just its grounds.

In my years at the College I have been able to experience the ever-evolving, dynamic culture firsthand. There are so many opportunities available to each and every student; I recommend taking as many of them as you can! Students can be a member of sporting teams, choirs, debating teams, musical casts, dance troupes, committees and more – regardless of your passion, there is something to get involved in.

Within these activities, and even just within classes and Homeroom, this sense of culture is everywhere. Our College community is so welcoming and supportive of everyone, and it all stems from our staff members. Our teachers are committed and passionate about what they do, bringing a new level to learning in classrooms that is so much more than merely listening and taking notes. The unique brand of learning at the College inspires students to not just learn but deeply understand content; this deep level of engagement makes learning enjoyable for all.

The College Values and Mission are crucial to everything we do. Individuals are challenged to achieve whilst acting with purpose and character, all whilst exemplifying the College Motto of Excellence, Care and Commitment. As a student, it is clear how these underpin everything we do, and how much of an impact it makes in our community. We treat each other with respect, take care in our learning, conduct ourselves with integrity and excellence, think with creativity, and stand up in our community with leadership. It is clear how these College Values can make such a difference.

In my fifteenth year at the College, I am looking forward to having the chance to give back to this community that has given me so much. Having the chance to lead my cohort and the rest of the College into this new decade is an honour, and I know we will be able to achieve some incredible things. I am so grateful to have been given so many opportunities over the years, and this year I intend to take as many as I can. With the support of the entire A.B. Paterson College community, I am sure this year will be truly memorable for all.

Parker Britton - 2020 College Vice Captain

My Name is Parker Britton, College Vice Captain for 2020, and I would like to warmly welcome you to A.B. Paterson College.

A.B. Paterson College is a community where all students are celebrated uniquely. The College fosters an environment where an individual can thrive and develop skills to succeed in life beyond their schooling. The College caters for all learning styles and enables students to accomplish their wildest dreams. These aspirations are catered for through access to some of the most advanced learning technologies and classrooms, allowing students to re-imagine the idea of learning and reach their full potential.

I came to A.B. Paterson College in 2008 as a Prep student and have thoroughly enjoyed the past 12 years as a student. As I commence my thirteenth and final year as part of this outstanding community, I have been able to fully realise the plethora of opportunities that were gifted to me, shaping the man I am becoming. One of the most significant things I have found to love about this College is its appreciation and support for every student that aspires to partake in any opportunity offered to them. The school is proud to be represented by its students in any field, seeking and providing them with internal or external coaching and mentoring, whenever possible.

A.B. Paterson College staff are amongst the finest teachers and I have been very fortunate to learn from them and be guided by them. Every teacher is heavily involved in the individual success of each student, taking time to offer one-on-one mentoring or just a friendly conversation to help address any concerns we may be experiencing. A.B. Paterson College truly cares about its students.

The College prides itself on the character of its students, our Mission being 'To challenge the individual to achieve, and to act with purpose and character'. Students are nurtured to strive for the goal that these words embody, having a purpose to excel and to really find a passion that drives them. To help guide pupils towards an area of interest they are fervent about, A.B. Paterson College provides students with an ever-growing list of co-curricular and sporting opportunities. Students are also supported and encouraged to develop leaderships skills.  This begins in the early years with buddy programs and leaderships roles for students in the Junior School and is then further developed throughout the Senior years with opportunities for roles within the College, and also through engagement and networking with leaders in our wider community.

Community engagement for A.B Paterson College students is also about giving back to the community and being able to provide support and assistance to others. I have enjoyed working with my peers and teachers to participate in some amazing fundraising activities that have been fun and, at other times, required hard work, but we can always take pride in the knowledge that we are making a positive difference to the lives of others. A memory I shall always carry with me was the opportunity, in 2019, to travel with a group of staff, students and parents to Winton to assist farmers struggling in drought, and then flood, conditions.  We mended and built kilometres of fencing and not only got to learn this new skill and increase our fitness, but it was an amazing experience to engage with the farmers and their families. We learned about rural life, tenacity and determination, and their outback spirit, which reminds us of our College namesake, Andrew Barton Paterson.

I am grateful for the opportunity to hold the position of 2020 College Vice Captain and I look forward to the final year of my A.B. Paterson College journey, which I am sure will be full of challenges, fantastic experiences and ongoing friendship, with the support and guidance of the College community.