Chess Club

Junior Chess

Junior Chess welcomes students from Years 1 - 6 to join in the fun and competition of our weekly games.  Registration is invited through the Gardiner Chess office at Mudgeeraba,, with one hourly sessions being conducted each Monday afternoon.

Chess is a game of strategy that benefits academic performance. Chess master, Jerry Meyers, believes that schools which offer chess make kids 'smarter'.  He states this is done by focusing (observing carefully and concentrating), visualising (imagining a sequence of actions before it happens), thinking ahead, weighing options, analysing concretely (evaluating results of specific actions and sequences), thinking abstractly (step back from details periodically and consider the bigger picture), planning and juggling multiple considerations simultaneously.

Two skilled chess tutors from Gardiner Chess support students during open play and strategy instruction. Tutors maintain a weekly tournament spreadsheet and also add one-off competition afternoons.  Students receive place-getting certificates and encouragement awards from their tutors. All students testify that, whilst they enjoy the strategy sessions, the ultimate attraction is the thrill of the competition.