Lana Milton – Teacher of Academic Arts talks about her Creative Retreat in Ubud, Bali

I received an e-newsletter about six weeks ago from an organisation called Big Hearted Business, which was founded by Australian singer/songwriter/actress Clare Bowditch.  This organisation supports and educates big-hearted people from all walks of life in the art of making a living doing what you love, while taking care of yourself AND contributing to the world in some meaningful way.  Clare essentially created a hub to encourage those who wish to use business, education and creativity as a vehicle to contribute to “the solution”, if you will.

The e-newsletter that I received outlined the possibility of spending a week in Bali on a Creative Retreat with industry professionals, including Clare, who would mentor, teach, and inspire us to unlock our creative potential, which would then be transferable to our workplace and life in general.  Instantly this appealed to me, particularly being an Arts teacher and sometimes feeling the pressure to be all those wonderful things for my students.  I love teaching, and I love learning, so to be given an opportunity to extend myself creatively just thrilled me.

There was an application process, from which only 20 people from hundreds of applicants were selected to attend the Retreat, and I was one of the selected few!  I was so, so excited to have been given this opportunity and to have the support of Mr Grimes, Principal, was simply fantastic and something that I am very grateful for.

I know that the Creative Retreat will open up many possibilities and provide me with invaluable skills that I can use in my teaching and outside of it.  I look forward to sharing all that I learn with my students, colleagues, family and friends.