House Spirit

Dennis House

Our House is proudly named after the famous Australian author C.J Dennis and, true to his words, we in Dennis are a house of 'sentimental blokes' and you often hear us singing our song.

Dennis House is the House of the mighty dragon, with Great Spirit and an even greater heart.  We pride ourselves on our long-held tenet of the House, that maximum participation is the key to success.  Our spirit in all events is maximised by our traditional attitude of stepping in when needed, and genuine support of each other.  A sea of green is always visible on any carnival day. We have our own Spirit Committee that is dedicated to dressing up, bringing treats and the baking of all things green for every event. We always have volunteers to wear the Dragon costume, and with our Mascot turning up to school events in both the Senior and Junior Schools, everyone in the College knows who the mighty Dennis Dragons are.

We pride ourselves on learning about the virtues and putting what we learn into practice.  Our tutor groups are always a buzz of activity, sharing laughter and learning.  It is during this time we focus on developing young men and women of fine character, and supporting each other. New students are always made to feel welcome, and it does not take long before they start to feel and live the spirit of Dennis.

Lawson House

Henry Lawson was a great Australian poet, whose written works about the earlier settlers captured the strength and spirit of the Australian people, who battled to make a living in the harsh conditions of rural Australia. He would be proud of the efforts of all Lawson students, homeroom tutors and affiliated staff throughout the year, who embrace the same characteristics of determination, strength of character and team spirit found in his poems.

Nowhere are these attributes more clearly demonstrated than in the Carnivals and other House activities held throughout year. Lawson House prides itself on being enthusiastic and supportive of all those who wear the distinctive red shirt, regardless of how fast they swim, how far they throw a javelin, or whether they can finish a 4km run in record time.  The enthusiasm and passionate support shown in participating in events, and the encouragement of fellow members, is always 100%.

This positive attitude and collegiate team spirit has been a constant force over the last few years. Lawson has enjoyed much success over the years in terms of silverware, winning the R.J. Nicholls Shield for the Champion House on more than one occasion. Lawson House’s success has not just been down to the exploits of our elite runners, swimmers and athletes, but to the efforts of individuals as well.  These students have worked equally as hard to achieve those few points that are vital to the success of all concerned. Winning is not everything, and what Lawson students strive to achieve the most is participation, having a go, and challenging themselves individually for the greater good of the ‘red’ community.

As Lawson House captains, it is our responsibility to demonstrate elements of leadership and House spirit around the College. It is important that senior students lead by example, as this serves to encourage the younger students to participate in the athletics, swimming and cross-country carnivals.

Lawson Captain 2014 - Blaire-Anne Thomson

Mackellar House

Dorothea Mackellar, a poet and third generation Australian, allowed her love of country, above all, to inspire her most famous works.  Her legacy of community and inspiration echoes today as the driving force of Mackellar House here at A.B. Paterson College.  Led by students who consistently demonstrate responsibility, compassion and leadership, the spirit encapsulated by the students of Mackellar House is second to none.

With an above average academic standard sought after by many of its constituents, Mackellar House is also able to boast one of the widest varieties of talents and skill sets.  Alumni of Mackellar House have gone on to study medicine, law, music, literature, dance, physics, athletics and business with multiple success stories in each field.  Other students have won prestigious visual art awards, as well as other awards such as those seen in public speaking and debating, both in and outside of the College community.

The students of Mackellar House consistently achieve outstanding results in the athletic carnivals throughout the year; with exceptional results in specific categories being attained at every event.  Mackellar House is widely known for a supportive and jovial atmosphere during all of these school gatherings and regularly earns the school spirit trophy; which is nothing less than a testament to the character of the students who proudly don the blue jerseys.

A community of learning and laughter, Mackellar House is proud of its past success stories, and heartily anticipates the number which are undoubtedly yet to come.

Justin Andrews, 2014

An opal-hearted country,
A wilful, lavish land –
All you who have not loved her,
You will not understand –
Though earth holds many splendours,
Wherever I may die,
I know to what brown country
My homing thoughts will fly.

Dorothea Mackellar

Wright House

Wright House is named after celebrated poet, and local of Mt Tamborine for many years, Judith Wright, who should not only be remembered for her prolific poetry writing and creation of children’s stories, but also for being a crusader of human rights and the environment. Love of Australian values and strength of compassion are also exemplified in Wright House in many ways.

Welcome to Wright House!!! Home of the Great Wright Shark, the House of yellow, the House of singers, actors, runners, athletes, footballers, public speakers and swimmers…similar to the green dragons, the red Tassie devils and the blue hawks, but different all the same.

Never has it been more important to offer authentic examples of role modelling and mentoring, supporting our students’ social and emotional learning from the inside out, and from the bottom up. House spirit isn’t only about being on the sidelines, cheering and supporting, with mascots of the shark and yellow trim…but it starts in the tutor group, where all students, from Year 7 to the senior leaders of Years 11 and 12, are part of the Wright House ‘family’. It is here you meet those who will lift your spirits every day, and help you to act with purpose; learning how having good character is about leadership, and taking care with others daily.

This is where your big ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ helps you organise your day, or your locker, or exam block; maybe they will listen as you tell them about your B in Maths, or how you made it onto the Volleyball team. Maybe you are asking the seniors about how that chemistry exam or drama performance went - it’s a two-way street! Your tutor checks in each day, not just to take the roll, but to ask you about your goals and challenges you have set yourself.  It’s here, every day, in the Wright House tutor groups where lasting friendships and buddies are made, and kept for the six years you are at the College, shining examples of the traditional African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Most of all, Spirit comes from knowing that you are part of a tradition in the House; to share with others what it means and celebrate the personal bests you’ve achieved, in any and every forum inside and outside the House and College. House spirit lives on and breathes through the rooms from Junior School classes to each Senior School tutor group.