Meet Our Middle Management Team

Peter Brookes - Head of Dennis House

Peter's main role is to supervise the personal growth and welfare of all students in the A.B. Paterson College, with a special focus on those in Dennis House. 

Peter has been a part of the HPE Faculty in A.B. Paterson College since 2007 and transitioned to his current position as Head of Dennis House in 2018.

Anthony (AJ) Chetter - Head of Faculty - Humanities & Social Sciences 

Anthony is excited to be working with the dynamic and inspiring HASS team to continue developing student knowledge and skills in Humanities subjects.

Anthony is an Ancient and Modern History teacher and has previously also taught English in Years 8-10 at A.B. Paterson College. Prior to joining the College, he taught Geography in Hong Kong and began his teaching career as a German teacher in Logan and the Lockyer Valley. He found teaching in a variety of contexts and subjects extremely rewarding and insightful. Anthony believes there is something to interest every student in the HaSS domain, due to the breadth and depth of subjects. 

Beth Claydon
Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM

The Head of Digital Literacy and STEAM oversees the development of STEAM and Innovation across the College and the effective implementation of digital strategies. Beth joined the A.B. Paterson College in 2022.

Beth advocates for a collective understanding of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies, along with the integration of the STEAM disciplines – Science, Technologies, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics, within Prep – Year 12 contexts. Working towards developing thinkers and innovators that are equipped with the skills to solve real world problems and work collaboratively with others.

Beth works alongside our staff and students to upskill and nourish the skills required of digital literacy, provisions a value-add experience and develops 21st Century educational practice here at the College. Beth has a Master of Education, majoring in Leadership and is a sessional marker for pre-service teachers at Griffith University. 

Michael Culverwell - Head of Mackellar House

Michael joined A.B. Paterson College in 2018 as a senior Engineering and Technology teacher. He was appointed Assistant Head of Faculty Technology in 2021 and Head of Mackellar House in 2023.

Michael’s role is to oversee the personal development and well-being of students across the College, with particular emphasis on the pastoral development of the students of Mackellar House. In addition to his B.Ed, Michael has an M.B.A. and comes to us with extensive manufacturing industry and management experience. An educator by day, a learner for life. Michael is passionate about finding innovative solutions to educational challenges. 

Andrew Hayes - Head of Wright House

The role of the Head of Wright House is to oversee the personal development and well-being of students across the College, with particular pastoral emphasis on the students of Wright House.  

Andrew is an experienced teacher and middle management leader with over 20 years of experience working with senior school students. Andrew is an incredibly passionate educator inspired to create educational environments that allow young people to thrive and achieve their potential. Andrew is committed to building positive cultures of honesty, integrity, and excellence and guiding students to become engaged learners with solid character.

Jasmine Lange - Head of Faculty - Mathematics

Jasmine is responsible for the day-to-day operations within the Mathematics Faculty, working collaboratively with students and fellow teaching staff to ensure that the curriculum and assessment practices challenge and inspire students while meeting QCAA guidelines.  Jasmine joined the College in 2006, moving from a teaching position to Assistant Head of Mathematics, and to the Head of the Mathematics Faculty in 2017.

Steven Mikael - Head of Faculty - Health and Physical Education

The role of Head of Faculty entails being responsible for the planning, mapping and delivery of curriculum to students across Prep to Year 12.  Steven joined A.B. Paterson College in 2003, moving from specialist teacher to Head of Health and Physical Education faculty in 2007 and has been a member of the Panel since 2011. 

Leighton Morgan - Head of Learning Analytics

Leighton joined A.B. Paterson College in 2017 as a mathematics teacher. He had previously been the Head of Mathematics at several schools in London, United Kingdom. In 2018, he was appointed as Assistant Head of Mathematics at A.B. Paterson College. In 2020, Leighton became the Head of Learning Analytics.

Tegan Parker
Head of Foundation and Alumni

Tegan Parker, is responsible for the effective running of the A.B. Paterson College Foundation with particular focus on raising community awareness and engagement. The role of the Foundation is to provide a strong philanthropic support mechanism to the College community through the awarding of scholarships, bursaries and the development of College facilities.

Tegan is a skilled and results-driven professional with expertise spanning event fundraising, parent engagement, and philanthropy. Her drive to foster improvements in organisations stems from a deep-seated belief in creating shared value.

Melissa Presland - Head of Faculty - Science

With a Bachelor of Biomedical Science from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Queensland, Melissa joined A.B. Paterson College in 2002 as a Science teacher and was promoted to Head of Faculty Science in 2012. 

In this role, Melissa ensures that the members of the Science Faculty are able to deliver a quality education that follows the requirements of ACARA (Years 7 - 10) and QCAA (Years 11 - 12).

Cheyne Sandercoe - Head of Faculty - Languages

Cheyne coordinates the Languages Program from Prep to Year 12.  This includes Japanese (Prep to Year 12) and Spanish (Years 4 - 12).  She teaches the Prep Japanese and Senior Japanese classes. Cheyne joined the College in 2006, moving from a teaching position to Assistant Head of Languages in 2011, and to the Head of the Languages Faculty in 2013.

Stephanne Siberry
Head of Library Services

Stephanne is dedicated to ensuring our A.B. Paterson College Libraries are centres for understanding, creativity and collaboration. She is committed to guaranteeing our traditional and digital library collections ignite imagination and support our community’s learning in a safe and current fashion.

Stephanne joined the College in 2016, moving from a Teacher-Librarian position to Co-Coordinator of Library Services in 2018, to Head of Library Services in 2022. Stephanne has also been Head of Library Services in schools in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia and has taught at various schools in Australia, Abu Dhabi and South Korea. 

Andrew Sole - Head of Outdoor Education

Andrew Sole is an internationally acclaimed photographer and educator with a first-class B.A. Honours Degree in Photography, Film/Video, and Animation. His work has been exhibited globally and featured in top-tier publications like The Observer and The Geographical Magazine. In addition to his artistic accomplishments, Andrew has contributed articles to photography magazines across continents and served as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Lecturer in Photography and Digital Imaging. Andrew has garnered significant recognition in photography competitions, particularly in sports and editorial categories.

Bernelle Sole - Head of Faculty - Technology

Bernelle Sole is the Head of Faculty for Technology. She is responsible for overseeing the organization and growth of the department, and for ensuring that the curriculum is effective and creative, challenging and inspiring students, while meeting QCAA guidelines.
Since joining the A.B. Paterson College in 2015, Bernelle has taught across both the Technology and Creative Arts faculties. She believes that a collaborative teaching and learning approach is essential to creating the best learning environment for all students.

Sharyn Walker-Joyce - Head of Faculty - The Arts

Sharyn Walker-Joyce was appointed to the Head of Arts Faculty position in 2013. In this role, she oversees the organisation and growth of the College Co-curricular Performing Arts program and the development of the Prep to Year 12 academic Arts curriculum encompassing Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.

Alison Ward - Head of Lawson House 

Alison’s role is to oversee the personal development and wellbeing of students across the College, with particular pastoral emphasis on the students of Lawson House.  Alison joined A.B. Paterson College in 2010 as a History and Social Sciences teacher.  She became Head of Lawson House in 2016.

Genevieve Whittington
Head of Learning Enhancement

The Head of Learning Enhancement Faculty's role is coordinating learning support across the campus. Genevieve Whittington joined the College in 2019 in the Junior School as a Year 5 teacher. She advocates for the diverse learners at A.B. Paterson College and supports staff to provide differentiation in the College. She believes all students can meet their full potential and succeed at school. 

Anne Wood - Head of Faculty - English

With an impressive career spanning three decades, Anne is a seasoned English teacher who has enriched the educational landscape across various systems—including State, Independent, and Catholic schools—in New South Wales and Queensland. In recognition of her expertise, she has assumed key roles such as QCAA Lead Confirmer, Lead Endorser, External Marker, and Committee Member for Prescribed Textbooks.

As the Vice President of the English Teachers Association of Queensland and a committee member of the Joint Council of Queensland Teacher Associations, Anne is passionately committed to elevating the professional skills of English teachers and advocating for the subject's integral role within the curriculum. Her commitment to the field is further highlighted by her participation as a speaker at various national and international conferences and seminars.