Zoom Chat with Sister School in Japan

It feels like only yesterday that a group of A.B. Paterson College students were guests at Honjo Higashi High School, Japan home staying, experiencing school life firsthand and eating Japanese delicacies.

The world may have changed since then, however, if last’s weeks Zoom chat is any indication, our sister school relations are stronger than ever, and the world has become a little more closer.

Both Year 11 and 12 students of Japanese had the opportunity to introduce themselves and the College in the target language to our Japanese counterparts, and our students had the privilege of hearing firsthand the interests and hobbies of some of the English Club students from Honjo Higashi High School.

We look forward to many more opportunities, starting from next term, to communicate and foster grass-roots internationalisation.

Cheyne Sandercoe - Head of Languages Faculty
Michelle Barriga - Assistant Head of Languages Faculty