Years 5-6 Fuse Cup Esports Competition

Last Thursday 26 May, our Year 5 and 6 Esports team enjoyed their time at Emmanuel College in the Fuse Cup Esports competition. Students played in individual rounds using Super Mario Cart. Using steadfast concentration and with true A.B. Paterson College sportsmanship, they drove their way to the semi-final rounds, however, were pipped at the post in the finals. They were so eager to share the day’s motto with each other after each round with a congratulatory, ‘Good Game!’ It was also wonderful for them to have the opportunity during the day to learn about appropriate gaming behaviours and how they might consider their interaction in today’s digital landscape. Learning and fun at the same time.

The students are to be congratulated for their efforts as they have been training each week for all of Term 2. We look forward to next term’s competition, using Rocket League. Please watch out for information on how to sign-up in the coming weeks. Super work to our Super Mario’s!

Beth Claydon
Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM