Year 9 students embark on Driver Training Program

In June 2019, as an Australian first, in an effort to change the perceptions of young people towards driving, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Brian Grimes – with generous financial support from three sponsors, The Advanced Group, Eaton Services Group and Morse Building Consultancy – purchased three of the most advanced Driver Training Simulators, featuring a real driver’s seat, seat belt, handbrake and three LED high tech screens, to provide students with an unparalleled virtual driving experience.

A.B. Paterson College is about to welcome a new intake of driver trainees, from Year 9. Each student will complete a minimum of three driving sessions before the end of this year, with each session to be supervised by one, or more, of our Driver Safety Ambassadors.

As we wish our Year 9 trainees 'safe travels', let's flashback to the 2019 launch.