Year 9 Higher Ground Camp

Year 9 students attended the Higher Ground Camp in Sunshine Coast last week!

On Day 2 for our A.B. Higher Ground Campers packed all their essentials and trekked to set up camp and start their adventurous journey.

On Day 3 the learned how to live on the land and set up camp - with some adventure sports in between!

On Day 4 the rain didn't stop the determined A.B. Paterson College Year 9 students, who braved the elements and camped only with the bare essentials at the Higher Ground camp. There were smiles a plenty as they enjoyed learning just how strong they are as individuals and as a group. 

On Day 5 students braved the elements with high spirits on their final evening of camp. Canoeing never looked like so much fun!

Team work, problem solving, overcoming adversity, character building and making memories to last a lifetime. These are all of the experiences our Year 9 students were going through while on their Higher Ground camp. One thing is for sure - despite the challenges, there were smiles all round!