Year 8 Spanish Food & Fashion Incursion

As part of the Spanish curriculum in Term 3, students have been learning about Spanish souvenirs, shopping and making transactions, as well as Spanish designers and fashion. To further enhance students’ knowledge of Spanish high-end clothing and the fashion world in Spain and Latin America, as well as food in Spanish-speaking countries, the Year 8 students of Spanish had the opportunity to present a Spanish fashion designer of their choice. They also attended a fashion parade created by themselves where they described their clothing in Spanish. To finish it off, students ordered an authentic meal from Mad Mex restaurant in Pacific Fair.

“Yesterday all the Year 8 Spanish classes came together to present our work on Fashion Designers in the Year 8 Spanish Fashion Show. For two weeks we had been working in small groups, researching and creating a presentation about a Hispanic designer and their clothes. We showcased our Spanish skills as our groups paraded clothing that represented the fashion designer, while other group members described the clothes in Spanish. It was so interesting to hear about the designers chosen by other groups and some of the groups put together such nice outfits. Overall, it was a really nice morning to display what we had been working on this term.” – Riley Roy

The day started off with a kick, as we strutted down the room in our Spanish themed outfits excited to show them off – there were 10/10 outfits all around! Joy and excitement rolled around when the burritos came out... they 100% lived up to the excitement.” – Ben Wear

“The day lived up to expectations with the fashion show taking up the spotlight and then the burritos took our taste away.” – Nate Stoddart

“The Spanish incursion was such a great experience, inspiring my knowledge of fashion designers from Spain. The food was also a great addition to the experience. Thank you!” – Annika Singh

We would like to thank Mr Scott Lee from Mad Mex, a parent of the College, who kindly provided the 80 meals for our students to enjoy.

A big thank you to the Languages Faculty, especially to Mrs Cheyne Sandercoe, Ms Michelle Barriga and Ms Elisa Valade for their assistance with this incursion.

Ursula Lindeberg | Spanish Teacher